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Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings.
Psalm viii. 2.
Harvard Classics, Vol. 44, Part 3
The Book of Psalms
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Introductory Note

Book I
  1. The Righteous and the Wicked Contrasted
  2. The Reign of Jehovah’s Anointed
  3. Morning Prayer of Trust in God
  4. Evening Prayer of Trust in God
  5. Prayer for Protection from the Wicked
  6. Prayer for Mercy in Time of Trouble
  7. Jehovah Implored to Defend the Psalmist Against the Wicked
  8. Jehovah’s Glory and Man’s Dignity
  9. A Psalm of Thanksgiving for God’s Justice
  10. A Prayer for the Overthrow of the Wicked
  11. Jehovah a Refuge and Defence
  12. God a Helper Against the Treacherous
  13. Prayer for Help in Affliction
  14. Folly and Wickedness of Men
  15. Description of a Citizen of Zion
  16. Jehovah the Psalmist’s Portion in Life and Deliverer in Death
  17. Prayer for Protection Against Oppressors
  18. Jehovah Praised for Giving Victory and Dominion
  19. The Works and the Word of God
  20. Prayer for Victory over Enemies
  21. Praise for Deliverance
  22. A Cry of Anguish and a Song of Praise
  23. Jehovah the Psalmist’s Shepherd
  24. The King of Glory Entering Zion
  25. Prayer for Protection, Guidance, and Pardon
  26. Protestation of Integrity, and Prayer for Protection
  27. A Psalm of Fearless Trust in God
  28. A Prayer for Help, and Praise for Its Answer
  29. The Voice of Jehovah in the Storm
  30. Thanksgiving for Deliverance from Death
  31. A Psalm of Complaint and of Praise
  32. Blessedness of Forgiveness and of Trust in God
  33. Praise to the Creator and Preserver
  34. Jehovah a Provider and Deliverer
  35. Prayer for Rescue from Enemies
  36. Wickedness of Men and Lovingkindness of God
  37. Security of Those Who Trust in Jehovah, and Insecurity of the Wicked
  38. Prayer of a Suffering Penitent
  39. The Vanity of Life
  40. A Sacrifice of Praise, and Prayer for Help
  41. The Psalmist in Sickness Complains of Enemies and False Friends

Book II
  1. Thirsting for God in Trouble and Exile
  2. Prayer for Deliverance
  3. Former Deliverances and Present Troubles
  4. A Song Celebrating the King’s Marriage
  5. God the Refuge of His People
  6. God the King of the Earth
  7. The Beauty and Glory of Zion
  8. The Folly of Trusting in Riches
  9. God the Judge of the Righteous and the Wicked
  10. A Contrite Sinner’s Prayer for Pardon
  11. Futility of Boastful Wickedness
  12. Folly and Wickedness of Men
  13. Prayer for Defence Against Enemies
  14. Prayer for the Destruction of the Treacherous
  15. Supplication for Deliverance, and Grateful Trust in God
  16. Prayer for Rescue from Persecutors
  17. Prayer for the Punishment of the Wicked
  18. Prayer for Deliverance from Enemies
  19. Lament over Defeat in Battle, and Prayer for Help
  20. Confidence in God’s Protection
  21. God Alone a Refuge from Treachery and Oppression
  22. The Thirsting Soul Satisfied in God
  23. Prayer for Deliverance from Secret Enemies
  24. God’s Abundant Favor to Earth and Man
  25. Praise for God’s Mighty Deeds and for His Answer to Prayer
  26. The Nations Exhorted to Praise God
  27. Jehovah the God of Sinai and of the Sanctuary
  28. A Cry of Distress, and Imprecation on Adversaries
  29. Prayer for Help Against Persecutors
  30. Prayer of an Old Man for Deliverance
  31. The Reign of the Righteous King

Book III
  1. The End of the Wicked Contrasted with That of the Righteous
  2. A Complaint over the Devastation of the Land by the Enemy
  3. God Abases the Proud, but Exalts the Righteous
  4. The Victorious Power of the God of Jacob
  5. Comfort in Trouble from Recalling God’s Mighty Deeds
  6. God’s Guidance of His People in Spite of Their Unfaithfulness
  7. A Lament over the Destruction of Jerusalem, and Prayer for Help
  8. God Implored to Rescue His People from Their Calamities
  9. God’s Goodness and Israel’s Waywardness
  10. Unjust Judgments Rebuked
  11. God Implored to Confound His Enemies
  12. Longing for the Temple Worship
  13. Prayer for God’s Mercy Upon the Nation
  14. A Psalm of Supplication and Trust
  15. The Privileges of Citizenship in Zion
  16. A Petition to Be Saved from Death
  17. Jehovah’s Covenant with David, and Israel’s Afflictions

Book IV
  1. God’s Eternity and Man’s Transitoriness
  2. Security of Him Who Trust in Justice
  3. Praise for Jehovah’s Goodness
  4. Majesty of Jehovah
  5. Jehovah Implored to Avenge His People
  6. Praise to Jehovah, and Warning Against Unbelief
  7. A Call to Worship Jehovah the Righteous Judge
  8. Jehovah’s Power and Dominion
  9. A Call to Praise Jehovah for His Righteousness
  10. Praise to Jehovah for His Fidelity to Israel
  11. All Men Exhorted to Praise God
  12. The Psalmist’s Profession of Uprightness
  13. Prayer of an Afflicted One for Mercy on Himself and on Zion
  14. Praise for Jehovah’s Mercies
  15. Jehovah’s Care over All His Works
  16. Jehovah’s Wonderful Works in Behalf of Israel
  17. Israel’s Rebelliousness and Jehovah’s Deliverances

Book V
  1. Jehovah Delivers Men from Manifold Troubles
  2. God Praised, and Supplicated to Give Victory
  3. Vengeance Invoked Upon Adversaries
  4. Jehovah Gives Dominion to the King
  5. Jehovah Praised for His Goodness
  6. Prosperity of Him That Fears Jehovah
  7. Jehovah Exalts the Humble
  8. God’s Deliverance of Israel from Egypt
  9. Heathen Idols Contrasted with Jehovah
  10. Thanksgiving for Deliverance from Death
  11. A Psalm of Praise
  12. Thanksgiving for Jehovah’s Saving Goodness
  13. Meditations and Prayers Relating to the Law of God
  14. Prayer for Deliverance from the Treacherous
  15. Jehovah the Keeper of Israel
  16. Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem
  17. An Expectant Prayer for Jehovah’s Help
  18. Praise for Rescue from Enemies
  19. Jehovah Round About His People
  20. Thanksgiving for Return from Captivity
  21. Prosperity Comes from Jehovah
  22. Blessedness of the Fear of Jehovah
  23. Prayer for the Overthrow of Zion’s Enemies
  24. Hope in the Lord’s Forgiving Love
  25. Childlike Trust in Jehovah
  26. Prayer for Jehovah’s Blessing Upon the Sanctuary
  27. The Excellency of Brotherly Unity
  28. Greetings of Night-Watchers
  29. Praise for Jehovah’s Wonderful Works. Vanity of Idols
  30. Thanks for Jehovah’s Goodness to Israel
  31. An Experience of the Captivity
  32. Thanksgiving for Jehovah’s Favor
  33. God’s Omnipresence and Omniscience
  34. Prayer for Protection Against the Wicked
  35. An Evening Prayer for Sanctification and Protection
  36. Prayer for Help in Trouble
  37. Prayer for Deliverance and Guidance
  38. Prayer for Rescue and Prosperity
  39. Jehovah Extolled for His Goodness
  40. Jehovah an Abundant Helper
  41. Praise for Jerusalem’s Restoration and Prosperity
  42. The Whole Creation Invoked to Praise Jehovah
  43. Israel Invoked to Praise Jehovah
  44. A Psalm of Praise


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