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Harvard Classics, Vol. 49, Part 4
The Story of the Volsungs and Niblungs
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Translator’s Preface
The Story of the Volsungs and Niblungs
The Names of Those Who Are Most Noteworthy in This Story
A Prologue in Verse
  1. Of Sigi, the Son of Odin
  2. Of the Birth of Volsung, the Son of Rerir, Who was the Son of Sigi
  3. Of the Sword that Sigmund, Volsung’s son, drew from the Branstock
  4. How King Siggeir wedded Signy, and bade King Volsung and his son to Gothland
  5. Of the Slaying of King Volsung
  6. Of how Signy sent the Children of her and Siggeir to Sigmund
  7. Of the Birth of Sinfjotli the Son of Sigmund
  8. The Death of King Siggeir and of Signy
  9. How Helgi the son of Sigmund, won King Hodbrod and his Realm, and wedded Sigrun
  10. The Ending of Sinfjotli, Sigmund’s Son
  11. Of King Sigmund’s last Battle, and of how he must yield up his Sword Again
  12. Of the Shards of the Sword Gram, and how Hjordis went to King Alf
  13. Of the Birth and Waxing of Sigurd Fafnir’s-Bane
  14. Regin’s Tale of his Brothers, and of the Gold called Andvari’s Hoard
  15. Of the Welding together of the Shards of the Sword Gram
  16. The Prophecy of Grifir
  17. Of Sigurd’s Avenging of Sigmund his Father
  18. Of the Slaying of the Worm Fafnir
  19. Of the Slaying of Regin, Son of Hreidmar
  20. Of Sigurd’s Meeting with Brynhild on the Mountain
  21. More Wise Words of Brynhild
  22. Of the Semblance and Array of Sigurd Fafnir’s-Bane
  23. Sigurd comes to Hlymdale
  24. Sigurd sees Brynhild at Hlymdale
  25. Of the Dream of Gudrun, Giuki’s Daughter
  26. Sigurd comes to the Giukings and is Wedded to Gudrun
  27. The Wooing of Brynhild
  28. How the Queens Held Angry Converse Together at the Bathing
  29. Of Brynhild’s Great Grief and Mourning
  30. Of the Slaying of Sigurd Fafnir’s-bane
  31. Of the Lamentation of Gudrun Over Sigurd Dead, as it is Told in the Ancient Songs
  32. Of the Ending of Brynhild
  33. Gudrun Wedded to Atli
  34. Atli bids the Giukings to Him
  35. The Dreams of the Wives of the Giukings
  36. Of the Journey of the Giukings to King Atli
  37. The Battle in the Burg of King Atli
  38. Of the Slaying of the Giukings
  39. The End of Atli and His Kin and Folk
  40. How Gudrun cast herself into the Sea, but was brought ashore again
  41. Of the Wedding and Slaying of Swanhild
  42. Gudrun sends her Sons to Avenge Swanhild
  43. The Latter End of all the Kin of the Giukings

Certain Songs from the Elder Edda which Deal with the Story of the Volsungs
  1. Part of the Second Lay of Helgi Hunding’s-Bane
  2. Part of the Lay of Sigrdrifa
  3. The Lay Called the Short Lay of Sigurd
  4. The Hell-Ride of Brynhild
  5. Fragments of the Lay of Brynhild
  6. The Second or Ancient Lay of Gudrun
  7. The Song of Atli
  8. The Whetting of Gudrun
  9. The Lay of Hamdir
  10. The Lament of Oddrun


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