Antelope, VI1, et seq.; shed horns annually, VI1; as food, VI1; appearance of, VI2; curiosity of, VI3; flagging, VI3; shyness of, VI3; habits of, VI6, VI31, VI34-VI35; fleetness of, VI8; cannot jump high, VI9; broad jumpers, VI10; tame fawns, VI11; killed by war-eagle, VI13; voice of, VI14; haunts of, VI16; need water, VI15; hints for hunting, VI22; author hunts, VI24-VI34, VI41-VI44; author kills, VI34, VI44; follow the leader, VI35; trust in eyesight of, see Addendum

Aurochs, VIII3

Avocet, II26

Badger, hole, VI37; foe to prairie-dog, VI38, VI40

Bad Lands, appearance of, I2, VII8; geological formation of V22, V23

Bear, black X14

Bear, grizzly, X1, et seq.; less dangerous than of old, X1-X2; compared with other big game, X3-X4; men killed by, X6, X7, X31; attack of a, X6; horse beats off a, X9; method of hunting, X10; author hunts, X11-X23, X27-X29; whining of, X17; author kills, X22, X29; weight of, X23; name of, how derived, X23; as food, X26

Beaver, II4; meadow, II4; dam, II5

"Bedding down," III10

Big-horn, see Mountain sheep.

Bighorn Mountains, IX8; resemblance of, to Adirondacks, IX22

Bone-hunters, VIII5

Books, suggestions for a ranchman's library, I12

Buckboard, V56

Bucking horses, I5

Buffalo, extermination of, I3, VIII2-VIII7; remains of dead, VIII4, VIII5; trails, VIII6; gregariousness of, VIII7, mountain species of, developed by hunting, VIII10; natural reasons for extermination of, VIII11; dangers of hunting, VIII12; man killed by, VIII12; adventure of John Roosevelt with, VIII13; tenaciousness of life of a, VIII14; easily tamed, VIII16; best rifle for shooting, VIII17; author hunts, VIII21-VIII27, VIII35; charged by a, VIII25; kills, VIII35

Buffalo, mountain, see Buffalo, wood.

Buffalo, wood, VIII10

Buffle-head, see Ducks, dipper.

Camp, how made, II12, et seq.

Cattle plains, the northern, I2

Cattle raising, progress of, I3, et seq.; unprofitable for new men, I24 20

Chimney Butte ranch, I10

Cougar, haunts of, I31; method of killing steers, I31; bronzes of, I31; negro killed by, I32; easily trapped, I35; foe to elk, IX6

Coulies, I10

Cowboys, I7; characteristics of, I7; Texans most expert, I7; dress of, I8; horse-gear, I8; seat in saddle of, I9; work of, I17, I18; pleasures of, I19; call of, X14

Cow-buntings, III13

Coyote, extermination of, I27; kills sheep, I27; wail of, IV29; will not harm game hanging up, V55; kills antelope fawns, VI12; found near prairie-dog towns, VI38;

Curlew, II20

"Cutting out," manner of, I18

Deer, black-tail, V1, et seq.; appearance of, V1, V32; gait in running of, V3; haunts of, V5, V22; hunting on horse-back, V6-V7; still-hunting, V8; most desired game, V9; extermination of, rapid, V9; curiosity of, V10; author hunts, V10, V46-V55, V57-V60, V62; author kills, V10, V29, V49, V54, V60, V62; habits of, when hunted, V11-V13, V21; dress for hunting, V20; habits of, V23-V27; hunting in darkness, V29; formidable when wounded, V30; hints for hunting, V33-V37, V41; where to hit a, V35; killed by mistake, IX25

Deer, mule, see Deer, black-tail.

Deer of the river bottoms, see Deer, white-tail

Deer, white-tail, IV1, et seq.; haunts of, IV2; author hunts, IV4-IV6, IV25; author kills, IV6, IV25; sagacity of two fawns, IV7; habits of, IV8, IV10; fawns as pets, IV11; hints for hunting, IV12-IV18; difficulty in seeing, IV26; change of coat of, IV26; gait in running of, V3

Dogs, combat of, with wolves, I29; match for cougar, I34; little used on plains, III4, III45; in danger of poison, III4, V36; shooting grouse over, III27, et seq.; "stub-tail", III27; coursing jack-rabbits with, III45; coursing wild turkey with, III49; hunting white-tail deer with, IV16; in deer hunting, V36; riding after hounds a manly sport, V39; coursing antelope with, VI8, VI23; desirable in hunting grizzlys, X10

Dough-bird, II26

Dow, Will, IX32

Duck, shoveller, II9, II19

Duck, spoon-bill, II9

Ducks: mallard, II7, II8, II15; delicious eating, II15; gun for duck-shooting, II8, II16; pintail, II9, II17; scaup, II14; red-head, II15; dipper, II14; canvasback, II15; wood, II17; overtaken by a hawk, II18

Eagle, bald, hunting teal, II18

Eagle, golden, VI13

Eagle, war, see Eagle, golden.

Elk, disappearance of, IX1, IX4-IX6; where found, IX2, IX7; mild nature of, IX2; herd's trust in leaders, IX2; foes of, IX6; travel in single files, IX14; author tracks, IX15, IX16; gait in running of, IX16; author kills, IX16, IX25, IX29, IX30, IX34, X16; tongues of, delicious, IX17; whistling of bull, IX27

Elkhorn ranch, I10, VII2

Ferris, deer hunt of, IV4-IV6

Fort McKavett, III47, III49

Fort Terret trail, III47

Game butchers, V16

Game-zones, V4

Geese, II1; shooting with rifle, II1, II2, II3; with buckshot, II16

Gérard, Jules, X3

Goose: Canada, II1; snow, II3,

Greyhounds, III45, III49, V40, VI8, VI23

Grouse, III1, et seq.; blue, III3, IX21

Hail kills lambs, IV23

Hare, Little Chief, IX22

Hawk: lanner, II18; Cooper's, II18

Horned frog, VI17

Hunters, professional, I38; so-called, I38; old-time, I38; requisite for good, V13, V20, V37

Hunting season for deer, V45

Indians, driven from Bad Lands, I3; have no claim to lands seized by government, I22; plan for treatment of, in regard to lands, I22; poor shots, V37; patient hunters, V37; enemies to buffalo, VIII7

Little Missouri River, I10

Lost, how not to get, IX19

Lynx, I26, X19

Magpie, VI26

Manitou, valuable horse, I43, IV18, V6, V29, V53, V54, V56, VI24, VI36, VI41, VI45; hunting antelope with, VI34

Marksmanship, at targets and wild animals, I44-I48; exaggerated stories of, I46; of old hunters, I47

Marlin, II26

Mastiff disconcerted by fawns, VI11

Meadow lark, I14

Medicine Buttes, VI47

Merrifield, I48, VII2-VII4, IX9, IX14, IX25, IX30, X15, X18, X22; shoots elk, IX17; kills black bear, X14; kills grizzly bear, X25; wounds grizzly bear, X28

Middle Butte, VII16

Middle plains of the United States, the great, I1, I2

Mountain sheep, VII1, et seq.; appearance of, VII8; agility of, VII8; haunts of, VII5-VII7; habits and characteristics of, VII8, VII10; hints for hunting, VII12; adventures of author in hunting, VII13-VII19; killed by author, VII19; hunting, toilsome, VII22; as food, VII23

Mud holes, VI33; horse falls into, VIII33

Musk-rat, II6

Nutcracker, IX22

Old Ephraim, see Bear, grizzly

Otter, II6

Owl, burrowing, VI38

Pack rats, foes to books, I13; origin of name, I13

Plains sparrows, I14

Plover: grass, II22 golden, II22; plains, II27

Pocket-gopher, VI37

Pocket-mouse, I13

Pot-shooting, III4, III26

Powder River, IV2, IV15

Prairie, description of, VI29;

Prairie-dog, VI37;

Prairie-fowl, sharp-tailed, III3, III27; when to eat, III3; rarely shot over dogs, III4; pot-hunting, III5; author shoots, III5; habits of, III13-III16, III19, III20, III26; "booming" of, III7; nest and chicks of, III8; habits of, when flushed, III15; shooting with dogs, III27-III31

Prong-horn, see Antelope.

Quarry of ranchmen, I36

Quicksand, VI32, VI33

Rabbits: cotton-tail, III43; jack-, III43

Ranches, I5

Ranch-house, description of, I5 author's, I12

Ranch life, charm of, I16; work of, I17; decadence of, I24; offers chance for sport, I37;

Ranchman, I8; dress, I8, I42

Rattlesnake, VI18-VI21; girl killed by, VI18; cattle struck by, VI21; in prairie-dog holes, VI38

Revolver, I41, III4, VI7

Rifle: Bullard, I40; Sharp's, I40, I45; Winchester, I40, VI7; ranch-gun, I41; Winchester Express, I45; and shot-gun compared, III1; Sharp's, for buffalo, VIII17; Winchester, for buffalo, VIII17, VIII18; pea, X1; Winchester, for grizzly, X1; Spencer, X8

Roosevelt, Elliott, brother of the author, kills a cougar, I32; shoots grouse, III27, III31; letter from, III46; shoots turkey, III48; charged by buffalo, VIII13; hunts buffalo, VIII19

Roosevelt, John, adventure with a buffalo, VIII13

Rope, manner of throwing the, I17

Round-up, description of a, I17

Sage-fowl, III32; haunts of, III33; call of, III34; habits of, III35, III39; as food, III38; vitality of a, III40; a day's sport with, III40-III42

Sandy, II25

Shack mice, I13

"Shaps," I8

Sheep hated by cowboys, IV23

Shot-gun, choke-bore, I41; hammerless, I41; useful for white-tail deer, IV16

Skunk, II24; bite sometimes deadly, II24; Sandy shoots a, II25

Skylark, VI41

Skylark: Missouri, I14

Slews, II7

Snow-bunting sings on wing, I14

Stilt, II26

Storm, in the Bad Lands, IV21; 119 at Medicine Buttes, VI50, VI51

Teal, II9, II19; killed swimming by eagle, II18

Teal, blue-winged, II9

Teal, green-winged, II9

Thrush: hermit, I14; brown, I14

Tracking, V42

Trout, IX24

Turkey, wild, III46; shooting in the roosts in Texas, III46-III48; coursing with greyhounds, III49

"Vic," I47

Wapiti, see Elk.

Water, scarcity of, II11

Waterfowl, II1, et seq.

Widgeon, II8, II15, II19

Willet, II26

Wolf, extermination of, I27; habits of, I28; attacks horses, I28; defeated by dogs, I29; courtship of wolf and Newfoundland, I30; killed by poison, III4; stampedes horses, VIII30

Wolverine, X19

Yellowlegs, II26

Yelper, II26

Roosevelt, Theodore. 1885. Hunting Trips of a Ranchman.