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   Respectfully Quoted: A Dictionary of Quotations.  1989.
Lie to Majority
  all men who say yes, l., 1272
  enemy of the truth is very often not the l., but the myth, 1268
  a jay will l., 305
  let the l. / Have time on its own to fly, 1805
  murder the liar, but you cannot murder the l., 1893
  no l. can live forever, 220
  right of the Government to l., 1083
  small l., a big l. and politics, 1769
  told them a civil l., 1543
  With words we l., 1856
  man to whom you have l. may be angry, 1543
Lies, 10821083
  about the Democrats, 1387
  about the Republican party, 1387
  damned l., and statistics, 1769
  three kinds of l., 1769
Life, 10841106
  all that a man hath will he give for his l., 1725
  all that l. really means, 1104
  and death are parts of the same Great Adventure, 1121
  and liberty and the pursuit of happiness, 396
  angle of vision, 1086
  as a simple citizen and laborer has its benefits, 912
  As soon as there is l. there is danger, 1819
  bare l. is furnished by one, 482
  bargained with L. for a penny, 1099
  bloodless substitute for l., 133
  born to live, not to prepare for l., 1120
  confronted L. with antique Courage, 549
  courage of l. is often a less dramatic spectacle, 355
  ethic of Reverence for L., 1101
  for him was an adventure, 1087
  for making it worth having, 2011
  forsake l. in the fresh air, 125
  fullness of l. is in the hazards of l., 1087
  get-rich-quick theory of l., 58
  given l. that I might enjoy all things, 1477
  Giver of l., 1091
  has been as an open book, 519
  hear l. murmur, or see it glisten, 2072
  I have but one l. to lose for my country, 1304
  I will drink / L. to the lees, 575
  in the Soviet Union, 1656
  in the U.S.A., 1656
  increase in l. span, 22
  inequity in l., 1092
  invisible germ of l., 1752
  involves suffering and transitoriness, 1093
  is a banquet, 1094
  is a just employer, 1099
  is a profound and passionate thing, 2091
  is a roar of bargain and battle, 1115
  is a romantic business, 1089
  is action, 1115
  is action and passion, 1088
  is more than stocks and bonds, 684
  is not so important as the duties of life, 1098
  is so generous a giver, 1467
  is sunshine, 687
  is unfair, 1092
  liberty and the pursuit of happiness, 397
  liberty or property are [not] safe while the Legislature is in session, 1041
  live a long l., 572
  make gentle the l. of this world, 1864
  many things in l. that are not fair, 1085
  more to l. than measuring its speed, 1480
  my inner and outer l. are based on the labors of other men, 1603
  necessary misfortune of l., 1785
  new l. to those years, 22
  new years to l., 22
  other ensures a good l., 482
  piled on life / Were all too little, 575
  plain way of l. … promotes thrift and prosperity, 796
  quality of the Nation’s l., 2028
  rest of your l., 1825
  reverence for l., 1214
  search out the deep truth of l., 1664
  she made l. poetry for me, 2006
  should go on, 1100
  slow atrophy of a l., 183
  so dear, or peace so sweet, 1061
  so must I never live my l. for itself, 1102
  spend your l. in your own way, 1783
  stifled by useless shadows, 183
  to sweeten, to adorn, and to embellish l., 1663
  under sentence of l., 196
  Unrest of spirit is a mark of l., 1096
  was larger than before, 1686
  way of l., 56
  what a man is thinking of all day, 1086
  What is l., 1086
  would pay no more, 1099
  Youth is not a time of l., 2099, 2095
  not what I thought it, 33
  angel of l. compared to that man, 1457
  electric l. the most efficient of policemen, 1572
  Give l. and the people will find their own way, 971
  glow from the fire can truly l. the world, 770
  he leaves behind him lies / Upon the paths of men, 371
  law is not a l., 998
  not l. that is needed, but fire, 1575
  of truth, 238
  one blaze of blinding l., 1866
  one candle, 448
  only l. can do that [drive out darkness], 1893
  our country, 770
  over the public mind, 496
  season of l., 1818
  see the l., 1665
  thing to be supplied is l., 937
  within his own cleer brest, 563
  difference between the lightning-bug and the l., 540
  Pleasure is … like a flash of l., 923
  they want rain without thunder and l., 443
  difference between the l. and the lightning, 540
  of perverted science, 2055
  All the things I l. to do are either immoral, illegal, or fattening, 846
  being cheated by an equal, 909
  being compelled by a superior, 909
  a big baby 775
  a fire bell in the night, 1700
  a fixed star, 923
  a flash of lightning, 923
  never met a man I dident l., 1155
  People l. Government, 710
  do as he l., 646
  woman’s sphere as though it had a l., 2012
  war with Red China, 1967
Lincoln, Abraham (1809–1865), 65, 801, 1024, 1107–1110, 1425, 1487, 1853
  death of, 718
Lincoln, Nancy (Hanks) (1783–1818), 1225
Lincoln, Sarah Bush (Johnston) 1225
Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C., 1853
  inscription, 1107
  one rusted l., 1695
  heart, 1276
  to the Exhortation of the Dawn, 1106
  Nobody l., 266
  to the deniers and mockers, 60
  battle between the l. and the Philistines, 167
  liberal views exclude no branch of science or l., 1663
  ransack the l. of all countries, 530
  study the works of art and l., 658
  Americans, 72
  do so much for so many on so l., 449
  done so much with so l., 2060
“Little American” speech, 72
Littlefield, Charles (1851–1915), 115
  opening accents of a grand new l., 379
  by bread only, 1112
  henceforth, you will l. the hard way, 1605
  his dreams—not in fear, but in hope, 54
  how to l., 1222
  in infamy, 2066
  not to exist, 1118
  Only those are fit to l., 1121
  skim milk, 111
  sweetly, patiently, lovingly, purely, till the sun goes down, 1104
  that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry, 1125
  together for a period, and then go our separate ways, 1520
  underground with the moles, 125
  without our lives, 1293
  being judged not to have l., 1088
  not l. in vain, 1323, 1469
  whether my country is the better for my having l., 1679
  you have l. the easy way, 1605
  Every one l. by selling something, 1123
  of others, 136
  those who gamble with men’s l. should not stake their own, 1953
Living, 11111127
  from the dead, 482
  land of the l., 1136
  like drunken sailors, 309
  partnership … between those who are l., 1715
  process of l. is the process of having stress, 1122
  will envy the dead, 1257
Livy (Titus Livius) (59 B.C.A.D. 17), 1283
  half a l. is better than a whole l., 252
  half a l. was better than no bread, 252
Lobbyist, 1128
  President is the only l., 1516
Lobbyists, 1128
  are in many cases expert technicians, 1128
  idle l., 2031
  wiping out the whole of L., 864
Loneliness, 1129
  that makes the loudest noise, 1129
  place against the sky, 1108
Long run, 1367
  human rights and property rights are … in the l. r. identical, 867
  in the l. r. every Government, 710
  l. r. doesn’t matter, 868
  l. r. is a misleading guide to current affairs, 693
  People don’t eat in the l. r.,— they eat every day, 1336
  people, in the l. r. … do more to promote peace than our governments, 1321
  worth of a state, in the l. r., is the worth of the individuals composing it, 1760
  I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth, 703
  has its place, 572
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth (1807–1882), 65
  up and not down,… forward and not back … out and not in, 1434
  is always on the side of the right, 704
  make me a channel of your peace, 1466
  make me an instrument of thy peace, 1466
  What doth the L. require of thee, 947
  See also God
Lorna Doone, 515
Los Angeles, California, 1974
  how to l., 1222
  If we l., there will be nobody to care, 1991
  rather l. in a cause that will some day win, 1994
  what makes a good l.? Practice, 1992
  real sin is taxing a l., 138
  as much as we gained by prying into that matter, 974
  because its [liberty’s] possessors failed to stretch forth a saving hand, 1077
  here in America, 67
  Horse was l., 1240
  not that you won or l., 1993
  Rider was l., 1240
  Shoe was l. 1240
  was l., and is found, 635
Lottery case, 717
Love, 11301136
  as constant in his l. as the sun, 446
  bridge is l., 1136
  each day I l. you more, 1130
  First l. is only a little foolishness and a lot of curiosity, 1133
  for his country, 1309
  for the President that goes beyond loyalty, 1509
  harness for God the energies of l., 1134
  has power that dispels Death, 1131
  his fellow-men sincerely, 1126
  the human form divine, 1464
  is as perennial as the grass, 1114
  is the magician, the enchanter, 1132
  may bring a flame / Which naught but tears can drown, 844
  Mercy Pity Peace, 1464
  no l. like the old l., 1814
  of ease, 2096
  of our country soar above all minor passions, 1305
  only l. can do that [drive out hate], 1893
  pure and chaste, from afar, 459
  thou shalt l., 1805
  thy neighbor, 1805
  time to l., and a time to hate, 1810
  to l. and to be wise, 1787
  Where there is hatred, let me bring l., 1466
  better to have l. and lost / Than never to have l. at all, 1135
  To l. I devise, 192
  not the unjust doers, 517
  hearts divide, 2034
  when they are turned to l., 1580
  opposition, 634
  to his government, 734
  to what I regard as the law of my political life, 723
  is due entirely to the United States, 1506
  ounce of l., 2027
  when he falls, he falls like L., 1103
  You make your own l., 1992
  holds a l. in leash, 1156
  glare of obloquy, 258
Lusitania, 988
  for riches, 833
  for one’s country, 437
M, is for the million things she gave me, 1226
  come with me into M., 1928
  forces in M., 1941
Machiavelli, Niccolò (1469–1527), 1457
  the servant of man, 1613
  perfection of m. … will in the end avail it [state] nothing, 1760
  labor-doing m., 981
  labor-saving m., 981
MacLeish, Archibald (1892–1982), 603
Madison Memorial Hall. See Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.
  cities will spring up again as if by m., 27
  of property turns sand to gold, 1550
  to stir men’s blood, 1360
  Love is the magician … that changes worthless things to joy, 1132
Magna Carta, 394
  speech, 1279
  Gentlemen do not read each other’s m., 1531
  part of the m., 134
  and Texas, it may be, have nothing important to communicate, 1640
Maine (Ship)
  Remember the M., 65, 1910
  walk together side by side in m., 41
  think an individual is right, 1642
Majority, 11371141
  always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits, 424
  can do anything, 1137
  great m., 1516
  an impeachable offense is whatever a m. of the House of Representatives considers [it] to be, 889
  impositions of the strong and the m., 786
  is the government, 1139
  lives in a state of perpetual self-adoration, 362
  minority, / Reaching m., 1141
  never be able to restrain a distressed and discontented m., 1139
  of mankind unite together, 1861
  of Negroes committed to nonviolence, 1894
  of the community are actively in favor of it, 994
  One man with courage makes a m., 900
  One with the law is a m., 1138
  screened by safe m., 4
  should respect a minority’s sacred things, 414
  silent m. of my fellow Americans, 1140
  withdrawal of mimesis on the part of the m., 227

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