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 Sim’eon (St.)Similia Similibus Curantur. 
E. Cobham Brewer 1810–1897. Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. 1898.
Similes in common use:—
BALD as a coot.
BITTER as gall, as soot.
BLACK as ink, as a coal, as a crow
BLIND as a bat, a beetle, a mole.
BLUNT as a hedge-hook.
BRAVE as Alexander.
BRIGHT as silver.
BRITTLE as glass.
BROWN as a berry.
BUSY as a bee.
CHATTER like a jay.
CLEAR as crystal.
COLD as ice, as a frog, as charity.
COOL as a cucumber.
CROSS as the tongs, as two sticks.
DARK as pitch [pitch-dark].
DEAD as a door-nail.
DEAF as a post.
DRY as a bonc.
FAIR as a lily.
FALSE as a hell.
FAT as a pig, as a porpoise.
FLAT as a flounder, as a pancake.
FLEET as the wind, as a racehorse.
FREE as air.
GAY as a lark.
GOOD as gold.
GREEN as grass.
HARD as iron, as a flint.
HARMLESS as a dove.
HEAVY as lead.
HOARSE as a hog, as a raven.
HELPLESS as a babe.
HOLLOW as a drum.
HOT as fire, as an oven, as a coal.
HUNGRY as a hunter.
LIGHT as a feather, as day.
LIMP as a glove.
LOUD as thunder.
MERRY as a grig, as a cricket.
MILD as Moses, as milk.
NEAT as wax, as a new pin.
OBSTINATE as a pig (pig-headed.)
OLD as the hills, as Methuselah.
PALE as a ghost.
PLAIN as a pikestaff.
PLAYFUL as a kitten.
PLUMP as a partridge.
POOR as a rat, as a church mouse, as Job.
PROUD as Lucifer.
RED as blood, as a fox, a rose, a brick.
ROUGH as a nutmeg-grater.
ROUND as an orange, a ball.
RUDE as a bear.
SAFE as the bank [of England], or the stocks.
SAVAGE as a bear, as a tiger, as a bear with a sore head.
SICK as a cat, a dog, a horse, a road.
SHARP as a needle.
SLEEP like a top.
SLOW as a snail, as a tortoise.
SLY as a fox, as old boots.
SOFT as silk, as velvet, as soap.
SOUND as a roach, as a bell.
SOUR as vinegar, as verjuice.
STARE like a stuck pig.
STEADY as Old Time
STIFF as a poker.
STRAIGHT as an arrow.
STRONG as iron, as a horse, as brandy.
SURE as a gun, as fate, as death and taxes.
SURLY as a bear.
SWEET as sugar.
SWIFT as lighting, as the wind, as an arrow.
THICK as hops.
THIN as a lath, as a whipping-post.
TIGHT as a drum.
TOUGH as leather.
TRUE as the Gospel.
VAIN as a peacock.
WARM as a toast.
WEAK as water.
WET as a fish.
WHITE as driven snow, as milk, as a swan, as a sheet, as chalk.
WISE as a serpent, as Solomon.
YELLOW as a guinea, as gold, as saffron.

 Sim’eon (St.)Similia Similibus Curantur. 


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