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• FADGES, V¶36.

• Fancy Cakes and Confections, XXXIII.

• Farina Cakes with Jelly, XXII¶19; Soup, VIII¶45.

• Fat, V¶36; for Frying, test, II; Margarin, I¶38; Olein (Liquid), I; Palmitin (Semi-Solid), I; Stearin (Solid), I; Suet, XXIII¶46; to Clarify, II¶49; to Try Out, II¶53.

• Fats and Oils, I¶3.

• Fermentation, IV¶18; Acetic, IV¶20; Alcoholic, IV¶20; Lactic, IV¶20.

• Fermented Bread, IV¶23.

• Fibrin, I¶4.

• Figaro Sauce, XVIII.

• Fig Cups, XXXV¶41; Eclair Cake, XXXI; Filling, XXXII¶12; Ice Cream, XXVI¶77; Pudding I, XXIII¶51; Pudding II, XXIII¶52.

• Fillet, Chicken to, XVII; of Beef, larded, XII¶60.

• Fillets of Bass or Halibut, Baked, XI¶87; of Beef, a la Moelle, XII¶46; of Beef, Broiled, XII¶39; of Beef, Cherry Sauce, XII; of Beef (Mignon), Sauted, with Sauce Figaro, XII; of Beef (Mignon), Sauted, with Sauce Trianon, XII; of Beef with Stuffed Mushroom Caps, XVII; of Beef with Vegetables, XII¶62; of Fish, a la Bement, XI¶94; of Game, XXII¶104; of Haddock, White Wine Sauce, XI¶89; of Halibut, a la Poulette, XI; of Halibut with Brown Sauce, XI¶88.

• Filling, Chocolate, XXXII¶8; Chocolate Cream, XXXII¶2; Cocoanut, XXXII¶10; Cocoanut, Lemon Cream, XXXII; Cream, XXXII¶1; Filling, Cream, Coffee, XXXII¶3; Cream, French, XXXII¶4; Fig, XXXII¶12; Lamb, XIII¶24; Lemon, XXXII¶6; Lobster and Oyster, XI¶179; Marshmallow Paste, XXXII¶13; Nut or Fruit, XXXII¶9; Orange, XXXII¶7; Pistachio Paste, XXXII¶14; Prune Almond, XXXII¶15; Strawberry, XXXII¶5.

• Finiste Sauce, XVIII.

• Finnan Haddie, XI¶136; a la Delmonico, XI¶136; Baked, XI¶134; Broiled, XI¶135.

• Fire, II¶10; to Build, II¶24.

• Fish, XI¶122; a la Creme, XI¶122; a la Provencal, XXXV; and Egg Croquettes, XI¶126; Balls, XI¶130; Blue (Pomatomida), XI; Chowder, IX¶24; Cod, XXXIII¶7; Composition of, XI¶54; Cooked in Boiling Water, XI; Cooking, to Prepare for, XI; Cooking, Ways of, XI¶63; Croquettes, XI¶125; Eels, XI¶1; Finnan Haddie, XI¶136; Flounder, XI¶7; Force Meat I, X; Force Meat II, X; Freshness of, to Determine, XI¶4; Fried, Russian Style, Mushroom Sauce, XI¶109; Haddock, XI¶7; Halibut (Pleuronectida), IX; Hash, XI¶124; Herring, XI¶8; Herring, Kippered, XI¶133; Mackerel, XI¶1; Mackerel, Snapping, XI¶18; Mackerel, Spanish, XI; Perch, XI¶7; Salad, with Cucumbers, XXI¶106; Salmon, XXI¶111; Salt, XXI¶106; Sardines, XXXIV¶30; Shad, Jack, XI; Shad, Roe, XXII¶93; Smelts, XI¶107; Sole, XI¶98; Stock, VIII¶80; Stock, Soups with, VIII¶3; Stuffing I, XI¶66; Fish, Stuffing II, XI¶67; Sword, XI¶8; Table Showing Composition of, XI¶54; to Bake, XI¶51; to Bone, XI¶44; to Broil, XI¶49; to Clean, XI¶27; to Fillet, XI¶45; to Fry, XI¶52; to Skin, XI¶43; Trout, XI¶7; Turban of, XI¶123; Turbot, XI¶3; Ways of Using Remnants of Cooked, XI¶122; White, X¶20; White and Oily, XI¶7.

• Five o'Clock Tea, III¶13.

• Flavoring Extracts, I¶84; Extracts and Wine, XL¶13.

• Florentine Meringue, XXIX¶7.

• Flounder, Fried Fillets, XI.

• Flour, IV¶3; Entire Wheat, IV¶45; Gluten, IV¶3; Graham, IV¶46; Wheat, IV¶3.

• Flowering Ice Cream, XXVI¶120.

• Flutes, XXII¶165.

• Foamy Sauce I, XXIV¶14; Sauce II, XXIV¶15.

• Fondant, XXXII¶37; Coffee, XXXIII¶46; Icing, XXXII¶37; Maple, XXXIII¶47; White, XXXIII¶44.

• Food, I; Carbohydrates, I¶3; Fats and Oils, I¶3; Proportions of, Correct, I¶10; Protein, I¶4; Ration, Daily Average, I¶12; Salts, XXXIII¶11; Water, IV¶41; Food Requirements of Adults, XLII; of Children, XLII; Values, Cards for Recording, XLII; Table of, XLII¶9.

• Force-meat, ; Chicken, I, X¶26; Chicken, II, X¶27; Clam, X¶25; Fish, I, X¶21; Fish, II, X¶22; Oyster, X¶24; Salmon, X¶23.

• Fowl, Boiled, XVII¶21; to Cut up, XVII¶14; to Truss, XVII¶67.

• Frappe, XXVI¶5; Cafe, XXVI¶36; Clam, XXVI¶40; Clam and Chicken, VIII¶92; Cranberry, XXVI¶37; Grape, XXVI¶38; Pineapple, XXVI¶31.

• French Cream Filling, XXXII¶4; Dressing, XXI¶8; Easter Cream, XXV¶87; Fried Onions, XIX¶89; Fruit Pudding, XXIII¶50; Nougat, XXXIII¶32; Omelet, VII¶67; Rusks, IV¶64.

• Fricasseeing, II¶31.

• Fricassee of Clams, X; of Lobster and Mushrooms, XI¶180; of Oysters, XI¶83.

• Fried Celery, XXII¶14; Chicken, XVII¶35; Chicken, Southern Style, XVII; Fish, Russian Style, Mushroom Sauce, XI¶109; Lobster, XI¶173; Oysters, XI¶160; Oysters in Batter, XI¶161; Oysters, Philadelphia Relish, XI; Scallops, XI¶170; Smelts, XI¶103.

• Fritter Beans, X¶17.

• Fritters, Apple, I, XXII¶6; Apple, II, XXII¶7; Apple, III, XXII¶8; Banana, I, XXII¶9; Banana, II, XXII¶10; Calf's Brains, XXII¶26; Cauliflower, XXII¶13; Cherry, Maraschino Sauce, XXII; Chocolate, with Vanilla Sauce, XXII¶22; Clam, XXII¶27; Coffee, with Coffee Cream Sauce, XXII; Corn, XIX¶62; Fruit, XXII¶12; Orange, XXII¶11; Parsnip, XIX¶95; Queen, XXII¶21; Salsify, XIX¶92; Sponge, XXII¶25; Tomato, XXII¶16.

• Frogs, XI¶116; Hind Legs, XI¶39.

• Frostings, XXXII; Boiled, XXXII¶25; Brown, XXXII¶27; Caramel, I, XXXII¶31; Frostings, Caramel, II, XXXII; Caramel Nut, XXXII; Caramel, Opera, XXXII¶34; Chocolate, I, XXXII¶20; Chocolate, II, XXXII¶21; Chocolate, III, XXXII¶22; Chocolate, Boiled, XXXII¶26; Chocolate Fudge, XXXII¶35; Confectioners, XXXII¶16; Fondant Icing, XXXII¶37; Gelatine, XXXII¶18; Ice Cream, XXXII¶24; Maple Sugar, XXXII¶28; Maple Sugar Cream, XXXII; Marshmallow, XXXII¶40; Milk, XXXII¶30; Mocha, XXXII¶36; Orange, XXXII¶17; Ornamental, I, XXXII¶41; Ornamental, II, XXXII¶42; Plain, XXXII¶19; White Mountain Cream, XXXII¶23.

• Frozen Apricots, XXVI¶42; Chocolate, with Whipped Cream, XXVI¶30; Cranberries, XXVI¶41; Orange Souffle, XXVI¶123; Plum Pudding, XXVI¶127; Souffle Glace, XXVI¶126; Tom and Jerry, XXVI¶85.

• Fruit Beverages, III¶51; Cake, Dark, XXXI¶67; Cake, English, XXXI¶97; Cake, Light, XXXI¶79; Canapes, XXXV¶39; Chartreuse, XXV¶55; Cocktails, XXXVI¶13; Cream, XXV¶83; Fritters, XXII¶12; Pudding, XXV¶85; Punch I, III¶56; Punch II, III¶57; Punch III, III¶58; Punch IV, III¶59; Rolls, V¶10; Salad I, XXV¶28; Salad II, XXV¶30; Salad, French, XXI¶88; Salad, with Wine Dressing, XXV¶31; Sandwiches, XXXIV¶19; Shortcake, V; Souffle, XXIII¶30; Stains, to Remove, XL¶20.

• Fruits, XXIX¶21; Canning of, XXXVIII; Drying of, XXXIX; Glace, XXXIII¶56; Time-tables for Scalding and Sterilizing, XXXVIII; for Sterilizing, XXXVIII¶40.

• Fuel, II¶9; Kinds of, II¶11.

• Furniture, to Remove White Spots from, XL; and Floors, to Polish, XL.

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