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Robert Christy, comp.  Proverbs, Maxims and Phrases of All Ages.  1887.
A living dog is better than a dead lion.  Bible.  1
A living mouse is better than a dead lion.  Russian.  2
A living wolf is better than a dead lion.  German.  3
As we journey through life let us live by the way.  4
Better live in a poor hovel than be buried in a rich sepulchre.  5
Better live within compass than have large comings in.  6
By living I mean doing what deserves to be written or writing what deserves to be read.  Dr. Crowley.  7
By the living we burn the dead.  Dutch.  8
Good or bad we must all live.  Italian.  9
He is unworthy to live who only lives for himself.  10
He knows to live who keeps the middle state.  Pope.  11
He lives in fame who dies in virtue’s cause.  Shakespeare.  12
He lives in the land of promise.  Dutch.  13
He lives long that lives till all are weary of him.  14
He lives longest that is awake most hours.  15
He lives the life of a hare: i.e., in constant fear.  Latin.  16
He liveth long that liveth well.  17
He most lives who thinks most, feels the noblest, acts the best.  18
He only truly lives who lives in peace.  19
He that lives a knave will hardly die an honest man.  20
He that lives long suffers much.  21
He that lives not well one year sorrows for it seven.  22
He that lives on hope has but a slender diet.  23
He that lives upon hope shall die fasting.  Franklin.  24
He that lives with cripples learns to limp.  Dutch.  25
He that lives with the muses shall die in the straw.  26
He that lives in hope danceth without a fiddle.  27
He that looks too nicely into things never lives easy.  28
He that would live for aye must eat sage in May.  29
He that would live in peace and rest
Must hear, and see and say the best.
He that is not handsome at twenty, strong at thirty, wise at forty, rich at fifty, shall never be handsome, strong, wise or rich.  31
He that at twenty understands nothing, at thirty knows nothing, at forty has nothing, will lead a wretched old age.  Spanish.  32
He who cannot command his sentiments knows not how to live.  33
He who cannot hold his peace will never live at ease.  34
He who lives after nature shall never be poor; after opinion shall never be rich.  Seneca.  35
He who lives a long life must needs pass through much evil.  Don Quixote.  36
He who lives by medical treatment has a wretched existence.  Latin.  37
He who lives by the church should serve the church.  German.  38
He who lives in hopes, breakfasts ill and sups worse.  Spanish.  39
He who lives long knows what pain is.  French.  40
He who lives on hope, dies on hunger.  German.  41
He who lives to fancy can never be rich.  42
He who lives wickedly always lives in fear.  43
He who lives with hopes, dies with the winds.  Modern Greek.  44
He who lives without restraint, will die without honor.  Danish.  45
He would live as long as old Ross of Pottern,
Who lived till all the world was weary of him.
How many things hath he to repent of that lives long.  47
I live and lords do no more.  48
If you would live forever you must wash milk from your liver.  49
It is good living under the shadow of the belfry.  Italian.  50
It is not how long but how well we live.  51
Live according to your income.  Persius.  52
Live according to your means.  Danish.  53
Live and learn.  Italian.  54
Live and let live.  Italian, German, Dutch.  55
Live not for time, but eternity.  56
Live not to eat, but eat to live.  57
Live not upon the opinion of other men.  58
Live, vile, and evil have the self-same letters,
They live but evil whom evil holds in fetters.  An anagram.
Live within your harvest.  Persian.  60
Living well is the best revenge we can take on our enemies.  61
Men who live to be a hundred will not die at fifty.  Tamil.  62
One may live and learn.  63
So live and hope as if thou wouldst die immediately.  Pliny.  64
Take it easy and live long are brothers.  German.  65
The habitual living in prosperity is most injurious.  Publius Syrus.  66
The langer we live we see the mae ferlies (follies).  67
The way to live much is to live well betimes.  68
There is difference between living long and suffering long.  69
They live too long who happiness outlive.  Dryden.  70
They live well who live cleanly.  71
They who live in a worry, invite death in a hurry.  London Truth.  72
They who live longest will see most.  73
To breathe is not to live, but to be well.  Martial.  74
To live long is to suffer long.  Danish.  75
To live long it is necessary to live slowly.  Cicero.  76
We live not as we would, but as we can.  Greek.  77
We must live as we can, not as we would.  78
We must live by the quick and not by the dead.  79
We should eat to live, not live to eat.  Latin.  80
We should live as though our life should be both long and short.  81
What and how great the virtue and the art,
To live on little with a cheerful heart.  Pope.
When men speak ill of thee, live so as nobody will believe them.  Plato.  83
While we live we must make the best of life.  Pope.  84
While we live let us live.  Latin.  85
Who lives well sees afar off.  86
Who lives will see.  French.  87
Who loves his work and knows to spare,
May live and flourish anywhere.  German.
Would you live an angel’s days,
Be honest, just and wise always.
Would you live long, be healthy and fat,
Drink like a dog, and eat like a cat.  German.
You must live long in order to see much.  Don Quixote.  91
You should not live one way in private and another in public.  Publius Syrus.  92

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