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Robert Christy, comp.  Proverbs, Maxims and Phrases of All Ages.  1887.
A man who is proud of his money has rarely anything else to be proud of.  1
A man without money is like a bird without wings; if he soars he falls to the ground and dies.  Romanian.  2
A man without money is a bow without an arrow.  3
A man without money is like a ship without sails.  Dutch.  4
A moneyless man goes fast through the market.  5
A string of cash can but reach to one’s heels; i.e., the sum is not worth contending about.  Chinese.  6
A thousand pounds and a bottle of hay,
Are just the same at doomsday.
All powerful money gives birth and beauty.  Horace.  8
As water runs toward the shore, so does money toward the rich man’s hand.  Danish.  9
Bad money always comes back.  German.  10
Between smith and smith no money passes.  Spanish, Portuguese.  11
But few prize honor more than money.  Sallust.  12
But help me to money and I’ll help myself to friends.  13
Discover not your silent (hoarded) money to anybody.  Spanish.  14
Do not lend your money to a great man.  French.  15
Fair money can cover much that’s foul.  16
Get money, get money still,
And then let virtue follow if she will.  Pope.
Give me money, not advice.  Portuguese.  18
God makes and apparel shapes, but it is money that finishes the man.  19
God send me some money, for they are little thought of that want it.  Scotch.  20
God send you more wit and me more money.  21
Good manners and plenty of money will make my son a gentleman.  Portuguese.  22
Hate, religion, ambition, all have their hypocrisies, but money applies the thumb-screw to them all.  Dr. Crowley.  23
He that has no money in his purse should have fair words on his lips.  Danish.  24
He that hath it and will not keep it,
He that wants it and will not seek it,
He that drinks and still is dry,
Shall want money as well as I.
He that hath no money in his pot, let him have it in his mouth.  26
He that hoardeth up money taketh pains for other men.  27
He that is known to have no money has neither friends nor credit.  28
He that is without money might as well be buried in a rice tub with his mouth sewed up.  Chinese.  29
He that shows his money shows his judgment.  30
He that wants money is accounted among those who want wit.  31
He who has both money and bread
May choose with whom his daughter to wed.  Spanish.
He who throws away money with his hands, will seek it with his feet.  Italian.  33
If a man’s money be white no matter if his face be black.  Turkish.  34
If money be not thy servant it will be thy master.  35
If thou knowest how to use money, it will become thy handmaid; if not it will become thy master.  Diodorus.  36
If thou wouldst keep money, save money.  37
If thou wouldst reap money, save money.  38
If you had as little money as manners you’d be the poorest of all your kin.  39
If you have money you are wise, if not you are a fool.  Turkish.  40
If you have no money turn placeman, as the court fool said to the prince.  German.  41
If you make money your god, ’twill plague you like a devil.  Fielding.  42
If you have money take a seat,
If you have none take to your feet.  German.
It is a rare miracle for money to lack a master.  Bias.  44
It is not the praise of the man but of the money-chest to keep money from diminution.  Remark of Themistocles censuring Aristides.  45
Mention money and the world is silent.  German.  46
Money amassed either serves or rules us.  Horace.  47
Money answereth all things.  Bible.  48
Money as well as need makes the old wife trot.  49
Money begets money.  Spanish.  50
Money borrowed is soon sorrowed.  51
Money burns many.  French.  52
Money can neither open up new avenues to pleasure, nor block up the passages of anguish.  Rambler.  53
Money clothes the naked, feeds the hungry, and buys a crutch for the cripple.  54
Money does all.  French.  55
Money does not get hanged.  German.  56
Money in purse will be always in fashion.  57
Money in purse dispels melancholy.  German.  58
Money in whatever hands will confer power.  Dr. Johnson.  59
Money is a good servant but a bad master.  French.  60
Money is a good soldier and will on.  Shakespeare.  61
Money is a source of trouble and woe.  Sri Lankan.  62
Money is a sword that can cut even the Gordian knot.  63
Money is an universal language speaking any tongue.  64
Money is an epitome of human power.  Italian.  65
Money is both blood and life to men.  Latin.  66
Money is first to be sought, virtue afterwards.  Latin.  67
Money is like manure: of very little use unless it be spread.  Bacon.  68
Money is lost only for the want of money.  69
Money is money’s brother.  Italian.  70
Money is more eloquent than a dozen members of parliament.  Danish.  71
Money is needed both by monk and dervish.  Turkish.  72
Money is not gained by losing time.  Portuguese.  73
Money is power.  Dutch.  74
Money is round and rolls.  French, Italian.  75
Money is that art that hath turned up trumps.  76
Money is the best bait to fish for man with.  77
Money is the fruit of evil as often as the root of it.  Fielding.  78
Money is the god of the world.  79
Money is the measure of all things.  Portuguese.  80
Money is the one thing needful.  81
Money is the only monarch.  82
Money is the only power that all mankind bow down before.  Butler.  83
Money is the root of all evil.  New Testament.  84
Money is the sinew of love as well as of war.  85
Money is the sinew of war.  Dutch.  86
Money is the sinew of business.  Plutarch.  87
Money is the soul of business.  German.  88
Money is the very blood and life of mortals.  Greek.  89
Money is welcome though it come in a dirty clout.  90
Money is wise: it knows it’s own way.  91
Money lent, an enemy made.  Portuguese.  92
Money like manure does no good till it is spread.  93
Money makes a man free ilka where.  94
Money makes dogs dance.  French.  95
Money makes marriage.  96
Money makes not so many true friends as real enemies.  97
Money makes the gentleman, the want of it the blackguard.  98
Money makes the mare to go.  99
Money rules the world.  Dutch.  100
Money saved is money got (or as good as money gained).  Danish.  101
Money soothes more than the words of a cavalier.  Spanish, Portuguese.  102
Money is the life-blood of the nation.  103
Money taken, freedom forsaken.  German.  104
Money, the pick-lock that never fails.  Massinger.  105
Money thou need’st:
’Twill keep thee honest; want made thee a knave.  Ben Jonson.
Money turns bad into good.  Spanish.  107
Money we want and cannot borrow,
Yet drink we must to slacken sorrow.
Money which is gained by fraud, by fraud must be lost.  Turkish.  109
Money will do more than my lord’s letter.  110
Money will make money.  111
Money will make the pot boil though the devil pour water on the fire.  112
Money wins the battle, not the long arm.  Portuguese.  113
Much money, many friends.  German.  114
My money is little, my heart without strife.  Turkish.  115
My money, your money, let us go to the tavern.  Portuguese.  116
One handful of money is stronger than two handfuls of truth.  Danish.  117
One never gets more than the money’s worth of anything.  French.  118
Nothing stings us so bitterly as loss of money.  Livy.  119
Procure empire by money, not money by empire.  Philip, father of Alexander the Great.  120
Property purchased with borrowed money, and money obtained by treachery shall soon pass away.  Sri Lankan.  121
Public money is like holy water: every one helps himself to it.  Italian.  122
Put not your trust in money but your money in trust.  123
Rather a man without money, than money without a man.  Themistocles.  124
Ready money can put anything in stock.  Chinese.  125
Ready money brings a remedy.  French.  126
Ready money is ready medicine.  127
Ready money will away.  128
Samson was a strong man, yet could not pay money before he had it.  129
Tell money after your own father.  130
The abundance of money ruins youth.  131
The art is not in making money but in keeping it.  132
The chief end of man is not to get money.  133
The money paid, the work delayed.  Don Quixote.  134
The money paid, the workman’s arm is broken.  French.  135
The money you refuse will never do you good.  136
The sign invites you but your money must get you out.  137
The skilfulest without money is scorned.  138
The smell of money is good, come whence it may.  Juvenal.  139
The thirst for money brings all the sins into the world.  German.  140
The use of money is all the advantage there is in having money.  Franklin.  141
The want of money is the root of much evil.  London Truth.  142
There is abundance of money spent to be laughed at.  143
There is more money got by ill means than by good acts.  144
There is no lustre in money unless it derives its lustre from moderate enjoyment.  Horace.  145
Those who believe money can do everything are frequently prepared to do everything for money.  146
Those who make money make little exertion, those who make much exertion make no money.  Chinese.  147
Though you have money do not spend it in the twelfth night.  Chinese.  148
’Tis money that begets money.  149
To disregard money on suitable occasions is often a great profit.  Terence.  150
Touch not another man’s money, for the most honest never added to it.  French.  151
Trust not your money to one whose eyes are bent on the ground.  152
Want of love or want of money lies at the bottom of all our griefs.  Benjamin Disraeli.  153
When honor grew mercenary, money grew honorable.  154
When I had money in my purse, I had food in my mouth.  Danish.  155
When land and money’s spent,
Then money is most excellent.
When money speaks, truth keeps silent.  Russian.  157
Where there is money there is no courage.  German.  158
Where there’s money there’s the devil,
But where there’s none a greater evil.  German.
Where there’s muck, there’s money.  160
With Latin, a horse, and money, thou wilt pass through the world.  Spanish.  161
With money you would not know yourself, without money nobody would know you.  Spanish.  162
With us wretched mortals money is life.  Hesiod.  163
Without money all is in vain.  Latin.  164
Without money, without fear.  German.  165
Would you know the value of money go borrow some.  166
You will see more ruined than saved by money ill gotten.  Sophocles.  167

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