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Robert Christy, comp.  Proverbs, Maxims and Phrases of All Ages.  1887.
A dead enemy is as good as a cold friend.  German.  1
A sly enemy is worth more than ten others.  German.  2
An enemy does not sleep.  French.  3
An enemy has sharp eyes and acute ears.  German.  4
An enemy is a perpetual spy.  5
An enemy is a thorn in the quilt.  Pashto.  6
An enemy may chance to give good counsel.  7
An enemy’s envy is an honor.  Latin.  8
An enemy’s envy is his own punishment.  Tamil.  9
An enemy’s present is no favor.  Modern Greek.  10
An enemy to beauty is a foe to nature.  11
An enemy who begging forgiveness lies at thy feet must not feel thy sword.  12
An old enemy becomes not a friend.  Modern Greek.  13
An open enemy is better than a false friend.  German.  14
Be my enemy and go to my mill.  Spanish.  15
Be my enemy far from me he may live a thousand years.  Turkish.  16
Be thine enemy an ant, see in him an elephant.  Turkish.  17
Best dealing with the enemy when you take him at the weakest.  18
Better a wise enemy than a foolish friend.  Modern Greek.  19
Better to have the enemy in front than in the rear.  20
Beware of enemies reconciled and of meat twice boiled.  Spanish.  21
Build golden bridges for the flying foe.  German.  22
Consider that an enemy may become a friend.  Publius Syrus.  23
Do not despise your enemy.  24
Do not spread your corn to dry at an enemy’s door.  Asturian.  25
Every man carries an enemy in his own bosom.  Danish.  26
Every one has both enemies and friends.  German.  27
For a flying enemy make a silver bridge.  28
He is above his enemies that despises their injuries.  29
He that dallies with his enemy gives him leave to kill him.  30
He who feeds a wolf strengthens his enemy.  Danish.  31
He who has enemies let him not sleep.  Spanish.  32
He who has three enemies must agree with two.  German.  33
He who makes light of his enemy dies by his hand.  Spanish.  34
His own enemy is no one’s friend.  German.  35
How learned a thing it is to beware of the humblest enemy.  Ben Jonson.  36
If I wished to punish an enemy, I would make him hate somebody.  Hannah More.  37
If we are bound to forgive an enemy, we are not bound to trust him.  38
If we be enemies to ourselves, whither shall we fly.  39
If you have no enemies it is a sign fortune has forgot you.  40
If you would make an enemy, lend a man money and ask it of him again.  41
In an enemy spots are soon seen.  42
It is a miserable lot to be without an enemy.  Publius Syrus.  43
Little enemies and little wounds are not to be despised.  German.  44
Look with suspicion upon the flight of an enemy.  Italian.  45
Make a silver bridge for a flying enemy.  Spanish, Portuguese.  46
Make no enemies.  Sri Lankan.  47
Man has not a greater enemy than himself.  Petrarch.  48
Many enemies, much honor.  German.  49
Never fight an enemy while it is possible to cheat him.  50
No enemy is so despicable but he may do one a vexatious turn.  L’Estrange.  51
No man is without enemies.  Arabian.  52
Once an enemy always an enemy.  53
One can learn even from an enemy.  German.  54
One enemy can harm you more than a hundred friends can do you good.  German.  55
One should not believe the enemy though he tell the truth.  German.  56
Out of a secret enemy one must make an open one.  German.  57
Receive instruction from an enemy.  Ovid.  58
So many slaves so many enemies.  German.  59
That is a most wretched fortune which is without an enemy.  Latin.  60
The body of a dead enemy always smells well.  Charles IX. of France.  61
The enemy is sleepless.  German.  62
The officer who grapples with the enemy can never be wrong.  Nelson.  63
The stouter the enemy the more glorious the victory.  German.  64
The weakness of the enemy makes our own strength.  French.  65
There is no enemy that cannot do harm.  German.  66
There is no little enemy.  67
There is no such thing as an insignificant enemy.  French.  68
Though thy enemy seem a mouse, yet watch him like a lion.  69
Though you are bound to love your enemy, you are not bound to put your sword in his hand.  70
To learn of an enemy has always been accounted honorable.  Dr. Johnson.  71
Water sleeps, the enemy wakes.  Turkish.  72
We carry our greatest enemies within us.  73
We have met the enemy and he is ours.  Perry.  74
What signifies dying the day after thine enemy.  Arabian Nights.  75
When thine enemy retreateth make him a golden bridge.  Dutch.  76
When two enemies blow one horn the third will have to suffer for it.  Danish.  77
When you are on the road speak not ill of your enemy.  Spanish.  78
Who is your enemy? A man of your own trade.  Spanish.  79
Your enemy makes you wise.  Italian.  80

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