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Samuel Kettell, ed.  Specimens of American Poetry.  1829.
Index of Authors

Cotton Mather.
Critical and Biographical Notice
On the Death of his Son
On the Death of his Daughter
Lines to the Memory of Wilson
Lines to the Memory of Thompson
Roger Wolcott.
Critical and Biographical Notice
Brief Account of the Agency of the Hon. John Winthrop
Michael Wigglesworth.
Critical and Biographical Notice
Vanity of Vanities
The Day of Doom
Benjamin Colman.
Critical and Biographical Notice
On Elijah’s Translation
Jane Turell.
Critical and Biographical Notice
A Paraphrase of the One Hundred and Thirty-Fourth Psalm
To My Muse
On the Poems of Sir Richard Blackmore
An Invitation into the Country, in Imitation of Horace
John Adams.
Critical and Biographical Notice
Address to the Supreme Being
Version of the Apocalypse
Translation of an Ode of Horace
James Ralph.
 c. 1705–1762.  
Critical and Biographical Notice
Zeuma, or the Love of Liberty
John Maylem.
Critical and Biographical Notice
The Conquest of Louisbourg
Thomas Godfrey.
Critical and Biographical Notice
The Court of Fancy
Epistle to a Friend
Nathaniel Evans.
Critical and Biographical Notice
Epistolary Ode to a Friend
Ode on the Prospect of Peace, 1761
Ode to My Ingenious Friend, Mr Thomas Godfrey
Hymn to May
Verses for the New Year, 1762
Elegy to the Memory of Mr Thomas Godfrey
John Osborn.
Critical and Biographical Notice
A Whaling Song
Elegiac Epistle
Mather Byles.
Critical and Biographical Notice
The Conflagration
The God of Tempest and Earthquake
Hymn Written During a Voyage
Joseph Green.
Critical and Biographical Notice
Lines on Byles’s Voyage
A Mournful Lamentation for the Death of Mr Old Tenor
William Livingston.
Critical and Biographical Notice
Philosophic Solitude
Benjamin Church.
Critical and Biographical Notice
The Times
Lines on the Accession of George II
James Allen.
Critical and Biographical Notice
Lines on the Massacre
The Retrospect
An Intended Inscription for the Monument on Beacon-Hill, in Boston
On Washington’s Visit to Boston, 1789
Benjamin Franklin.
John Trumbull.
Critical and Biographical Notice
M’Fingal, Canto III
Jonathan Mitchel Sewall.
Critical and Biographical Notice
War and Washington
Francis Hopkinson.
Critical and Biographical Notice
The Battle of the Kegs
Lines on the Quarrel among the Students in Anatomy in Philadelphia
Ann Eliza Bleecker.
Critical and Biographical Notice
To Miss Ten Eyck
To Mr Bleecker, on His Passage to New York
An Evening Prospect
Return to Tomhanick
Margaretta V. Faugeres.
The Hudson
On a Painter
Timothy Dwight.
Critical and Biographical Notice
The Destruction of the Pequods
The Farmer’s Advice to the Villagers
The Critics
The Worship of the Gibeonites
Battle before the Walls of Ai
Evening after a Battle
Procession of Israelitish Virgins to Meet the Returning Army
Lamentation of Selima for the Death of Irad
David Humphreys.
Critical and Biographical Notice
Address to the Armies of the United States
The Monkey Who Shaved Himself and His Friends
Lemuel Hopkins.
Critical and Biographical Notice
The Anarchiad
On a Patient Killed by a Cancer Quack
The Hypocrite’s Hope
Philip Freneau.
Critical and Biographical Notice
The Dying Indian
The Wild Honeysuckle
The Man of Ninety
The Indian Student: or, Force of Nature
The Hurricane
The Five Ages
Epistle to a Gay Young Lady Who Was Married to a Doating Old Deacon
The Indian Burying Ground
To the Memory of the Brave Americans under General Greene, in South Carolina, Who Fell in the Action of September 8, 1781
Port Royal
Elijah Fitch.
The Beauties of Religion
Sarah Porter. The Royal Penitent, Part II
William Moore Smith.
Critical and Biographical Notice
The Fall of Zampor
Ode to Meditation
John D. M’Kinnon.
The Mohawk
Samuel Low.
 b. 1765.  
To a Violet
To a Segar
To the Genius of Poetry
Benjamin Pratt.
Joseph Lathrop.
The Existence of a Deity
Stephen Sewall.
On the Death of George II
James Bowdoin.
John Lowell.
Peter Oliver.
Joseph Brown Ladd.
Critical and Biographical Notice
Arouet to Amanda
Remonstrance of Almasa Allicawn, Wife of Almas Allicawn, to Warren Hastings
The War Horse
What Is Happiness?
Edward Church. Critical and Biographical Notice
The Dangerous Vice *********
Samuel Ewing. Reflections in Solitude
St George Tucker.
Joseph Hopkinson.
Hail Columbia
Richard B. Davis.
To a Sleeping Infant
Thou Art the Muse
To Emma
Joel Barlow.
Critical and Biographical Notice
The Hasty Padding
From the Vision of Columbus
Embassy of Rocha
George Richards.
 b. c. 1760–1814.  
The Declaration of Independence
Mercy Otis Warren.
Critical and Biographical Notice
Thomas Dawes.
The Law Given at Sinai
Richard Devens.
Paraphrase of Job
Samuel Dexter.
The Progress of Science
St John Honeywood.
Critical and Biographical Notice
On the President’s Farewell Address
On the Capture of Rome by the French
Modern Argumentation
Royall Tyler.
Critical and Biographical Notice
Country Ode for the Fourth of July
My Mistresses
Address to Della Crusca
Choice of a Wife
On a Ruined House in a Romantic Country
The Town Eclogue
Richard Alsop.
Critical and Biographical Notice
Echo No. 1
Verses to the Shearwater—On the Morning after a Storm at Sea
The Incantation of Ulfo
Theodore Dwight.
Critical and Biographical Notice
African Distress
Echo No. 14
Lines on the Death of Washington
Lines Addressed to a Mother, Who Had Been Absent from Home Several Weeks, on Her Seeing Her Infant Child Asleep
Sarah Wentworth Morton.
The African Chief
Josias Lyndon Arnold.
Critical and Biographical Notice
A Modern Eclogue
The Warrior’s Death Song
Fragment, Descriptive of Those Extraordinary Animals Whose Bones Have Been Found in the Western Country
William Boyd.
William Cliffton.
Critical and Biographical Notice
Mary Will Smile
To a Robin
To Fancy
A Flight of Fancy
Robert Treat Paine.
Critical and Biographical Notice
Adams and Liberty
The Street Was a Ruin
Ode Sung at the Anniversary of the Faustus Association
John Lathrop.
Critical and Biographical Notice
Speech of Canonicus
Joseph Story.
Critical and Biographical Notice
From the Power of Solitude
David Everett.
A Branch of the Maple
Thomas Green Fessenden.
Critical and Biographical Notice
Elegy on the Death of Washington
An Ode
Tabitha Towzer
Signior Squeak’s Dancing Advertisement
John Blair Linn.
Critical and Biographical Notice
The Powers of Genius
John Shaw.
Critical and Biographical Notice
The Autumnal Flower
William Leigh Pierce.
The Year
Lucius M. Sargent.
The Plunderer’s Grave
William Ray.
Critical and Biographical Notice
The Way to Be Happy
Village Greatness
William Crafts.
Rapids in Love
Serenade Song
Selleck Osborn.
Critical and Biographical Notice
The Ruins
The Quarrels of Love
The Sailor
Washington Allston.
The Paint King
William Maxwell.
The Revery
The Prize
To a Fair Lady
Robert S. Coffin.
Critical and Biographical Notice
William B. Walter.
 c. 1796–1822.  
Richard Dabney.
The Spring of Life
A Western War Song
The Heroes of the West
Turn Not to the East
To a Lady
Washington Irving.
Critical and Biographical Notice
The Falls of the Passaic
Henry T. Farmer.
The Battle of the Isle
James K. Paulding.
Critical and Biographical Notice
The Backwoodsman
Paul Allen.
Critical and Biographical Notice
Noah, Canto II
John Milton Harney.
Lydia H. Sigourney.
Critical and Biographical Notice
Excuse for Not Fulfilling an Engagement
The Coral Insect
Death of an Infant
With Wild Flowers to a Sick Friend
Burial of the Young
To the Moon
A Vision of the Alps
Connecticut River
Flora’s Party
Musing Thoughts
Robert C. Sands.
Critical and Biographical Notice
Robert Dinsmoor.
The Braes of Glenniffer
Samuel Woodworth.
Critical and Biographical Notice
The Bucket
The Landsend
Love’s Eyes
The Pride of the Valley
Wreath of Love
John Pierpont.
Critical and Biographical Notice
Airs of Palestine
The Pilgrim Fathers
Warren’s Address to the American Soldiers, before the Battle of Bunker Hill
On Laying the Corner Stone of the Bunker Hill Monument
For a Lady’s Album
Henry Pickering.
Critical and Biographical Notice
To a Beautiful Lake
I Thought It Slept
To the Fringilla Melodia
The Waterfall
Descriptive Sonnets
Henry C. Knight.
The Country Oven
Francis Scott Key.
The Star-Spangled Banner
Katharine A. Ware.
Critical and Biographical Notice
There Is a Voice
The Parting
Sarah J. Hale.
Critical and Biographical Notice
The Father’s Choice
The Victor’s Crown
The Light of Home
The Gifts
The Mother to Her Child
Enoch Lincoln.
Critical and Biographical Notice
The Village
John C. M’Call.
The Troubadour
Edwin C. Holland.
The Pillar of Glory
Rise Columbia
Daniel Bryan.
Alonzo Lewis.
Death Song
The Minstrel’s Love
The Wanderer of Africa
Nathaniel A. Haven.
Lines on Frederic the Great
The Purse of Charity
James N. Barker.
Critical and Biographical Notice
Little Red Riding Hood
George Washington Doane.
Critical and Biographical Notice
That Silent Moon
Oh! That I Had Wings Like a Dove
Lines, Suggested by a Very Brilliant Sun-Setting
Spirit of Spring
On a Very Old Wedding Ring
The Cloud Bridge: A Remembered Vision
Nathaniel H. Wright.
Critical and Biographical Notice
The Isle of Flowers
The Star of Bethlehem
Solyman Brown.
Lady Byron to Her Husband
The Emigrant’s Farewell
Joseph Rodman Drake.
The American Flag
James Abraham Hillhouse.
Critical and Biographical Notice
Hadad, Scene III
An Apologue
Thomas Wells. At Musing Hour
A Vision
The Battle of New Orleans
William B. Tappan.
Why Should We Sigh?
When Death Shall Lay
O Come from a World
To the North Star
Samuel H. Jenks.
O! May We Not Weep
The Patriot’s Grave
Powers of Rhyme
Anthony Bleecker.
Critical and Biographical Notice
On Revisiting the Cottage of Rosa in Early Spring, after a Long Absence
Trenton Falls, near Utica
Jungfrau Spaiger’s Apostrophe to Her Cat
Epitaph of Mornai du Plessis, Imitated from the Latin of Grotius
G. A. Gamage. My Early Day
Albert G. Greene.
William H. Bradley.
Samuel Deane.
The Populous Village
Samuel Gilman.
History of a Ray of Light
Richard H. Dana.
Critical and Biographical Notice
The Buccaneer
James Gates Percival.
Critical and Biographical Notice
Night Watching
The Deserted Wife
The Coral Grove
To Seneca Lake
The Serenade
The Graves of the Patriots
The Desolate City
William E. Gallaudet.
Lines to the Western Mummy
Edward Everett.
Dirge of Alaric
John Everett.
St. Paul’s Church, Boston
To Fanni in a Ball Dress
Thomas O. Folsom.
War Song
Jonathan M. Scott. Blue Lights, or the Convention
George Bancroft.
The Fairy of the Wengern-Alp
John Rudolph Sutermeister. Critical and Biographical Notice
A Contrasted Picture
The Lament
Faded Hours
Mary A. Brooks. Critical and Biographical Notice
Edward Coate Pinkney.
A Health
A Picture Song
John Neal.
Critical and Biographical Notice
The Eagle
Battle of Niagara
The Birth of a Poet
The Sleeper
Ode to Peace
Joseph Hazard.
The Fashionable Rake
Nathaniel H. Carter.
Hymn for Christmas
Pains of the Imagination
Moses Y. Scott. Pocahontas
Henry Ware, Jr..
The Vision of Liberty
Seasons of Prayer
John E. Hall. Reflections of a Recluse
Carlos Wilcox.
The Religion of Taste
Samuel B. Beach.
William Cullen Bryant.
Critical and Biographical Notice
The Ages
To a Waterfowl
The Murdered Traveller
An Indian Story
Hymn to the North Star
Song of the Stars
Autumn Woods
The Close of Autumn
Samuel Webber.
Levi Frisbie.
Morning Hymn
Evening Hymn
Dream. To ***
Mrs Little. Thanksgiving
Fitz-Greene Halleck.
Critical and Biographical Notice
Alnwick Castle
Marco Bozzaris
To ****
Joseph Hutton.
Critical and Biographical Notice
The Field of Orleans
Charles Sprague.
Critical and Biographical Notice
Prologue on the Opening of the New York Theatre, September 1, 1821
Prologue on the Opening of the Philadelphia Theatre, December 1, 1822
Shakspeare Ode
To My Cigar
The Winged Worshippers
John G. C. Brainard.
Critical and Biographical Notice
The Falls of Niagara
On a Late Loss
Colonization Society
The Captain
The Deep
The Indian Summer
The Two Comets
Address to Connecticut River
The Dead Leaves Strew the Forest Walk
Robert Waln.
Rufus Dawes.
The Spirit of Beauty
Sunrise from Mount Washington
Anne Bullen
Richard Penn Smith.
The Cottage Lovers
Norman Pinney.
Sabbath Morning
To ———
Sumner Lincoln Fairfield.
Household Hours
James Nack.
The Minstrel Boy
William Leggett.
The Warrior’s Return
A Song at Sea
Hannah F. Gould.
The Mermaid’s Song
A Funeral Piece
The Conqueror
Cupid’s Warning
To the Automaton Chess Player
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
Hymn of the Moravian Nuns, at the Consecration of Pulaski’s Banner
The Indian Hunter
The Sea Diver
George D. Prentice.
The Ocean
To a Lady
Charles West Thomson.
The Wild Boy
Micah P. Flint.
The Hunter
James A. Jones.
A Moor’s Curse on Spain
The Lay of a Mountain Spirit
The Fay
Nathaniel Parker Willis.
Critical and Biographical Notice
Better Moments
The Soldier’s Widow
The Hindoo Mother
Extract from a Poem Delivered at the Departure of the Senior Class of Yale College, in 1826
James W. Miller. A Poet’s Reverie
James G. Brooks.
The Dirge
Frederic S. Hill. Musings
A Fragment
Persian Songs
Oliver C. Wyman. The Devotee
To the Clouds
The Bridal
Song of the Bee
William George Crosby.
To a Lady with a Withered Leaf
Asa M. Bolles. The Album
Henry J. Finn.
The Tribute of Truth
The Funeral at Sea
Emma C. Embury.
Jane of France
Henry Whiting.
George W. Patten. The Isle of Love
The Warrior
The Mother
Willis Gaylord Clark.
Lines Written at an Unknown Grave
Extract from a New Year Address
Robert Morris. The Broken Hearted
Ebenezer Bailey.
The Triumphs of Liberty
Address to the Mermaid
Grenville Mellen.
Dream of the Sea
Mount Washington
The Air Voyage
Charles J. Locke. A Dream of the Ocean
The Harp of Battle
The Queen of the Mist
Frederic Mellen. Sabbath Evening
The Herdsman’s Grave
William B. O. Peabody.
Hymn of Nature
On Seeing a Deceased Infant
T. W. Stone. The Bay of Naples
I. M’Lellan. The Pride of the Village
J. B. Van Schaick. Joshua Commanding the Sun and Moon to Stand Still
John W. Whitman. The Jersey Prison Ship
Joseph H. Nichols. Bennett’s Bridge
The Falls of the Housatonick
James O. Rockwell. To the Ice Mountain
Milton Ward. The Lyre
George Lunt.
The Grave of Byron
Mary E. Brooks. Romance
George P. Morris. Woman
The Miniature
What Can It Mean?
G. Wallingford Clarke. The Buried Maid
The Nun
William Croswell. Confirmation
Drink and Away
Sonnet Vindicatory
South Sea Missionaries
James Hall. Wedded Love’s First Home
A. M. Wells. Hope
The Tamed Eagle
Samuel Bartlett Parris.
On a Sprig of Juniper, from the Tomb of Washington, Presented to the Author
William Cutter. The Valley of Silence
Charles C. Beaman. The Water Excursion
Evening Thoughts
Louisa P. Smith. The Huma
J. G. Whittier. The Sicilian Vespers
F. S. Eckhard. The Ruined City



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