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Bartleby is a student success hub, developed by Barnes & Noble Education, Inc. (NYSE:BNED) as part of its ongoing mission to serve all who work to elevate their lives through education. Bartleby’s products and services are designed to improve student success and outcomes, offering pathways for learning that fit the schedules and demands of today’s student. Current offerings on the Bartleby platform include Bartleby Textbook Solutions and Bartleby Writing.

Bartleby Textbook Solutions is your guide to better learning, providing access to thousands of textbook solutions written by subject matter experts. In giving students step-by-step explanations to complex problems, Bartleby Textbook Solutions ensure that users not only get the correct answer but also that they’ll understand how to solve the problem on their own come exam time.

Bartleby Writing sparks the write idea, helping students to jump-start their writing assignments. It offers access to thousands of student-penned essays that can act as thought starters for students struggling to draft their own paper.

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