Bartleby is deeply committed to Academic Integrity and our Honor Code.
We are committed to doing our part to help ensure our products are not misused. As always we are open to your questions and feedback.
Here are the proactive measures we have put in place and on which we continue to build:
When we detect, suspect, or learn of violations of our Honor Code, we move quickly to address violators - students and experts alike.
We respond to all Honor Code violation escalations from faculty in 45 minutes or less.
We promptly respond to Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) content takedown requests and remove material in accordance with the DMCA.
If an expert identifies a question on bartleby that is a graded question or contains point values, the question will be rejected and not answered. The question also will not appear in our library on our site. If we learn that an expert has answered and/or failed to reject a graded or point-assigned question, the expert will be subject to discipline, up to and including dismissal.
We help protect exam integrity by working with faculty to prevent students from requesting help for point-based questions during testing periods.
We welcome the opportunity to hear from you and are available 24/7.
Submit a Code of Conduct Escalation
To request that content be removed for violating this Code of Conduct you must be the owner (or the owner’s authorized agent) of the intellectual property rights in the content and submit the required information below.
By requesting the removal of the above content you represent to bartleby that (1) you are the owner (or the owner’s authorized agent) as described above; (2) you did not authorize the content to be used or disclosed in the manner in which it appears on; and (3) all statements in the request are accurate.
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