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Determine the contrast in high-order and low-order needs according to Maslow’s Hierarchy Theory.

Expert Answer

Need Hierarchy theory is a psychological theory given by Abraham Maslow to include his observations of human’s natural curiosity. It is a theory which depicts several human needs in just five categories:

(1)Physiological needs

(2) Safety needs

(3) Belonging/love needs

(4) Esteem needs

(5) Self-actualization needs.

(1)Physiological Needs: It is the first as well as the basic need in this theory. These are related to the basic needs of life. It depicts that all the physical requirements of the human survival must be completed. Some of the needs are Food, Water, Clothing, Sleep, Shelter, etc.

(2) Safety Needs: Once the physiological needs are satisfied, these needs are given more preference. These are related with the physical safety and economic safety. Physical safety refers to suffering from reasons like a disaster, natural calamities, and many more. Economic safety referred here includes job security, lack of work opportunities, economic crisis and many more.

(3) Belonging Needs: When the above needs are satisfied, these need to get more active. As a human being is a social animal, he wants to live in the society honorably. So, he needs to develop a sense of belongingness all around himself. These needs include friends, intimacy, and most importantly family.

(4) Esteem Needs: These needs are related to ego and status among people. All humans need to feel respected that’s why this need exists. Low-esteem and inferiority complex may lead to unbalances among them. So, they need to be respected so that this need will get fulfilled.

(5) Self-Actualization Needs: This need becomes active when all others are satisfied as it is related to the aim of one’s life. Once the aim is achieved, these needs get fulfilled.

Conclusion: The Need Hierarchy Theory gives an ultimate platform to all human needs in just five categories. So, these all must be fulfilled for the achievement of a content life.