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How do people with different views deal with similar situations?

Expert Answer

Locus of control is the point where people hold power on the events that occur to them in lives. The individuals with internal locus consider that they are able to influence outcomes of their actions. However, some people keep blaming outside forces for everything are considered to be in an external locus of control.

Mr. X has external locus of control as he is more driven by external factors like third party thoughts and beliefs. He gets easily depressed and gives up. He keeps grudging and displays anxiety. This person fears a lot for facing challenges and brings unwanted muscle tension.


Mrs. Y is controlled under internal locus as she has power to control her actions. She is hugely driven by self thoughts, opinions, and stays true to her own beliefs. Instance, Mrs. Y was able to handle peer pressure better than Mr. X and hence proved to be under internal locus of control.


Mr. X and Mrs. Y attend a party. They both have diabetes and take treatment from same doctor. When friends were consuming alcohol, they asked Mr. X and Mrs Y to join. Mrs. Y was clear about her health condition and did not consume. However, Mr. X was not able to handle the situation and agreed with his friend’s choice.