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Identify three major theories of crime causation

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Step 1

Sociological crime causation theories explore factors of social concepts and processes that motivate or otherwise contribute to criminal acts. The three major theories of crime causation are:

  1. Strain theory
  2. social learning theory
  3. control theory
Step 2

Stain theory: Robert K. Merton developed Strain theory, proposes that pressure derived from social streams, such as lack of profit or lack of quality academics, evolve persons to commit a crime. the classical theory primarily focuses on disadvantaged groups.realizing the dream and lack of ability in achieving that dream are considered as a driving factor of crime. Key factors of general strain theory include the position of emotion in strain-concluded crime and its consideration of a wide range of available sources of community pressure that may lead a person to commit a crime.

social learning theory: here people will learn by looking at other persons. It basically explains how people larns new behaviors or habits, attitudes, values. for example -young age people learning slang from their peer explains about socialization and it helps in the development of self. this clearly explains the person's own learning.

Control theory: Walter Reckless developed the control theory it is the idea of two controls namely the inner control and outer control. it can be classified as both centralized or decentralized or neither of both. centralized control is about bureaucratic control and decentralized control is about market control. control theory mainly deals with the bond with society.