Sample Solution from
Biology: Concepts and Investigations
4th Edition
ISBN: 9780078024207
Chapter 1.1
Problem 1MC
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Summary Introduction

To explain:

The example for any non-living object which possesses all of the characteristics of life.

Concept introduction:

Non-living object includes the features of the environment like climate, temperature, pressure, clouds, fire, fork, and elements like salt and sugar. These features support life and are essential for the survival of various organisms like human beings, plants, and animals but are not living.

Explanation of Solution


The example of a non-living object which possess all of the life characteristics include the fork. It is used for eating food. When the fork is dipped in hot water, then the heat is transferred to the fork, but it is a non-living entity. The combination of this feature with the other features like use of salt, sugar, and fire in the environment form the characteristics of life.



The combination of various features of the environment like fire, water, forks for eating, fire for cooking, salt and sugar form the uniqueness of life.

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