Sample Solution from
Hole's Human Anatomy & Physiology
14th Edition
ISBN: 9780078024290
Chapter 1
Problem 1P
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Summary Introduction

To determine:

The factors that had probably stimulated an early interest in human body.


Understanding the human body has an interesting and a long history. The ancestors would have been very curious about studying the mechanisms of human body and so, they must have wondered how the body fights against various illnesses.


A healthy body does not require much attention or demand special care. However, an injured body demands more attention. Primitive people used to suffer from pains and aches, whenever they were injured, broken bones, contracted infections, bled and developed diseases.

Initially, the healers heavily relied on superstitions and magic to heal sick people. It was much later that medical workers started treating the ill and examining the human body with medical techniques. Hence, they first observed the effects of injuries and illnesses, then they noticed how the wounds heal and lastly, they examined the dead bodies of humans to determine the cause of death.


The factors that had probably stimulated an early interest in the human body was illnesses and injuries suffered by primitive people, which led to the discovery of medical treatments.

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