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Operations Management
11th Edition
ISBN: 9780132921145
Chapter 1
Problem 1DQ
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Summary Introduction

To determine: The reasons for which one should study operations management.

Introduction: Operations management is a process that concerns the conversion of labor and materials into products and services in an effective manner in order to generate or maximize the profit of the company.

Explanation of Solution

Reasons for which one should study operations management:

Studying operations management helps a person to have knowledge about operational-related activities which are producing goods and providing services. Some importance of the studies are as follows:

  • Operations management will provide knowledge about the ways to organize an enterprise for production activities.
  • Operations management helps to know the methods or the ways the goods and services produced.
  • Studying operations management helps a person to know about the roles and responsibilities of an operations manager.
  • As it is an expensive function and the organization earns most of their income from the operations, it is necessary to study the operations and its processes.
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