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Computer Science: An Overview (12th Edition)
12th Edition
ISBN: 9780133760064
Chapter 0
Problem 1SI
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Program Explanation

Impact of Computer Revolution on the society:

“Yes”, the society is better than it would have been without the computer revolution.


The computer is the decisive technology of the Information Age where every nook and corner of the world is connected with World Wide Web.

Our current society is a product of the digital revolution. Out of the most accomplishments by the human kind, the microcomputer is the foremost that changed the way we communicate, connect or do business.

  • The earliest of computer were developed to help in calculation and to aid the industrialists or engineers to aid in solving the problems which were difficult to accomplish by a single person.
  • Now, the life can’t be imagined without the computers since every appliance we hold has microcomputer in it ranging from air conditioner, washing machine to television or mobile phones.
  • The world has been reduced to a small village with the advent of computer revolution. The business is solely dependent on the internet. E-commerce has revolutionized the way industries are doing business. The banking system relies hugely on the internet.

With the help of computers, the knowledge can accessed within seconds. The learning curve of human beings has increased sharply due to knowledge sharing across the borders with the advent of internet.

Disadvantages of computer revolution:

  • Although the impact of the computer has been ubiquitous, the technology has produced some threats like e-waste, over exploitation of the earth resources to construct computers and smartphones.
  • The human interaction has reduced due to over relying on the computers. There is danger of leakage of personal or private information and the crimes like cybercrimes, online theft possess a threat to humans.

Apart from the negatives, it is up to human beings to use the technology to our benefit. Everything comes with advantages and disadvantages. The humans are intelligent enough to choose and decide how to make constructive use of the computer revolution.

“No”, the answer wouldn’t be different because the computer revolution has impacted the entire mankind more or less.


The computer revolution has made the life easier because of automatic and smart control of life saving instruments, the instant wireless communication and better design of the home. It has helped to save time and tedious work.

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