Sample Solution from
Campbell Biology (11th Edition)
11th Edition
ISBN: 9780134093413
Chapter 1
Problem 1.1CR
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Summary Introduction

To explain: How the themes of biology represent the activity of text messaging involving muscles and nerves in the hand.

Concept introduction:

Biology is the scientific study of life and related biological aspects. The interactions among living organisms and with the environment are explained by different themes. These themes are unifying and are based on organization, information, energy and matter, interactions, and evolution.

Expert Solution

Explanation of Solution

In the present days, mobiles phones and other hand-held devices are widely used for communication and text messaging. Text messaging involves use of thumb and fingers in the hand. These movements are coordinated by muscles, bones, and nerves in the hand that are made up of cells. Cells are the smallest units of biological organization, and the activities of all living organisms are based on cellular functions. Cells consist of genetic information in the form of DNA that determines the development and specialized functioning of the cells. The hand development and functioning is determined by the genetic information. To type a message, thumb and fingers require energy for muscle contractions and propagation of nerve impulses. The nerve impulses from the nervous system interact and stimulate muscles to contract. Also, text messaging is a way of communication and interaction to transmit information.

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