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Human Anatomy (9th Edition)
9th Edition
ISBN: 9780134320762
Chapter 1
Problem 1RFT
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Summary Introduction

To review:

Match the term supine with the most closely related descriptions given below:

Study of tissues

Face down

All chemical activity in body

Study of cells

Face up

Constant internal environment

Lower back


Anatomy refers to the study of the interior and exterior structures of the body and their physical relationship between the different body parts. There are two different types of positions that can be used in order to study the anatomy of different body parts and these positions are supine and prone position.

Expert Solution

Explanation of Solution

The supine position refers to a position wherein an individual lies horizontally with the face and torso facing upward. During surgical procedures, this position allows access to the peritoneal, pericardial, and thoracic regions along with head and neck


Therefore, it can be concluded that the supine position can be correctly matched with option (e) face up.

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