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Elementary Statistics: Picturing the World (7th Edition)
7th Edition
ISBN: 9780134683416
Chapter 1
Problem 1.1.1RE
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Textbook Problem

In Exercises 1–4, identify the population and the sample. Describe the sample data set.

3. A survey of 2223 U.S. adults found that 62% would encourage a child to pursue a career as a video game developer or designer. (Source: The Harris Poll)

Expert Solution
To determine

To identify: The population and sample.

To describe: The sample data.



Population: The entire collection of responses from U.S. adults.

Sample: 4,787 adults who responded to a study.

Sample data: 15% of adults use ride-hailing applications and the remaining 85% did not use ride-hailing applications.

Explanation of Solution


Given info:

A study was conducted on 4,787 adults and found that 15% of the adults were using ride-hailing applications.



A collection of all outcomes, people or measurements of interest are termed as population.

The survey is conducted to study the usage of ride-hailing applications among adults in United States. Thus, the population consists of all U.S. adults.


The information about the population is obtained from the sample. That is, a sample is considered to be a subset of the given population.

The survey is made on 4,787 adults who responded to the survey. This is considered to be a sample because only sub portions from the entire adults were surveyed. Thus, the sample is 4,787 adults.

Sample data:

In the survey of 4,787 adults, 15% were using ride-hailing applications and 85% (=100%15%) did not use ride-hailing applications.

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