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Organizational Behavior (18th Edition) (What's New in Management)
18th Edition
ISBN: 9780134729329
Chapter 1
Problem 1CR
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Summary Introduction

To determine:

The importance of interpersonal skills.


Interpersonal Skills Refer to an individual’s ability to interact with those in the workplace whilst getting their work done. This ranges from skills such as Listening, Writing, and Negotiation etc.

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Explanation of Solution

Interpersonal Skills are a rather lost art in most business as these businesses tend to look on the Educational Aspects of an employee rather than the interpersonal skills which they can offer to the business. However, as we move forward we notice that businesses such as IBM, Microsoft, Google and other multi-million dollar companies are giving more prominence to these skills. Employees and Individuals who bring these skills into these business become relatively more important in the long run. They bring in skills such as negotiation which is absolutely vital in business world, it helps the business make great decisions and become profitable almost instantly or even in the long run. These skills become even more important when considering the internal processes of the business. Managers who are more approachable, friendly and easy to talk to a.k.a. A People Person, tend to have happier and more satisfied employees under their wings, this would improve their motivation and help them improve more efficiently in the workplace.

Interpersonal Skills tend to be more evidently seen in industries such as the hospitality and customer service industries which requires workers to satisfy the customer amongst other things. This requires skills such as Verbal Communication, Listening, Non-Verbal Communication etc. Skills such as the ones previously mentioned tend to be the deciding factor in most deals and activities. Further as we move into a more tech-based future, the need for socializing, writing and creative skills become more and more important.

However what does set interpersonal skills apart from other deciding factors is its application in other areas and how we they can be assessed in an individual. Most employees may not realize their capabilities and some may over exaggerate those skills. So for employers, assessing the skills their potential employees is important in terms of the company’s future. Sometimes, certain skills can also be attained with time as well as be uncovered in the process allowing for employees to have a greater array of skills at their dispose, this will help them advance further in their respective fields more easily. Ultimately, regardless of which situation, inter-personal skills play a large enough role to be considered as a deciding factor in activities carried out by businesses.

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