Sample Solution from
Fundamentals of Nursing, 9e
9th Edition
ISBN: 9780323327404
Chapter 1
Problem 1CAQ
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Summary Introduction

To identify:

The two sources related to safety, with one resource relating to individual nurse and second relating to practice and work environment using the ANA website.

Concept introduction:

Nursing is a profession where art and science are combined with caring, compassion, respect, and kindness. Nursing care focuses on giving care to the patients, communities, and family where they may recover from diseased condition to normal health. Overall, the goal of the nurse is to improve the health and to decrease the disease. The nurse gives care more than a doctor and they should fully qualified with health care needs, expectations, teaching to patients, and experience. Only a nurse can act as an advocate, caregiver, educator, manager, and communicator for the patients. Nursing is a wide profession with many branches from education, administration, management, clinical practice, and research.


Safety for nurses:

  • Providing enough nursing staff to attend for patients to avoid fatigue, pressure, and various physical and mental hazards.
  • Avoiding overtime for nurses and to ensure adequate staffing levels.
  • Ensuring to have a survey, data collection, and research from the nurses about the workplace and to provide a better workplace for the nurses.

Safety on Job:

  • Nurse to ensure to give safe patient handlings like avoiding bed sores, fatigue, and psychological disturbances.
  • Usage and disposal of needles.
  • Prevent epidemic or pandemic diseases from spreading inside the hospital.
  • Prevent hospital related sickness.
  • Ensuring to keep the hazardous items safe and locked.
Conclusion is an ANA website that provides with safety for the nurses and safety in the working place.

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