Sample Solution from
Management Looseleaf
8th Edition
ISBN: 9781259732652
Chapter 1.3
Problem 1SA1.1
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Summary Introduction

To Discuss:

Leadership roles school/work.

Explanation of Solution

Leader should be reliable in there work always not predictable Leader always look to learn new ideas new things in daily basis.

Teamwork: Teamwork play a great role in the work leader always train there team and support in every aspect to get a great result .team work play a vital role in work putting great idea and creative things.

Encourage growth others: Team leader always encourage growth in other support them and let them get the good result team leader give and make them learn different idea which is suitable for them.

Employee Confidence Team leader give them a confidence regarding the work which they have put an efforts.

Be an optimist People want to follow an optimist, a person always looking to priority and solve problems.

Inspire people Inspire and motivate to get most from team member and succeed based on your ability to work with team.

Great leader always inspire all team member to get there achieve success and guide them in proper way.


Lastly, it's really important to have a strong self-identity and purpose in life in a good way of our career.

Be good, Do good & Be Positive.

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