Sample Solution from
Foundations of Business - Standalone book (MindTap Course List)
4th Edition
ISBN: 9781285193946
Chapter 1
Problem 1CC
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Textbook Problem

What reasons would you give if you were advising someone to study business?

Expert Solution
Summary Introduction

To determine: The reasons for advising someone to study business.

Introduction: The term business is defined as the planned exertion of people to manufacture and trade, for revenues, the goods and services that fulfill the requirements of the people. A business must be designed in such a way that it is managed efficiently, gratify the needs and should make profits.

Explanation of Solution

The reasons for advising someone to study business are as follows:

  • To help in picking an appropriate profession.
  • To help in becoming a successful worker.
  • To help in enhancing the administration abilities.
  • To help in beginning a new business.
  • To help in improving as an educated customer and financial specialist.
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