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Chemistry by OpenStax (2015-05-04)
1st Edition
ISBN: 9781938168390
Chapter 1
Problem 1E
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Interpretation Introduction


To device an experiment in order to determine whether the outside temperature is higher or lower than 0°C (32°F) without the help of the thermometer.

Concept introduction:

Change in temperature can lead to physical changes in the system. Such change indicates the temperature specifications.


Step 1: Take two glasses, glass A and B and fill them with freezing and normal water, respectively.

Step 2: Keep the glasses outside and notice the physical changes taking place. If the water in glass A (freezing water) starts melting and water in glass B (normal water) remains same, than the temperature is higher than 0°C.

In case if the water in glass B (normal water) starts to freeze and water in glass A (freezing water) doesn't show any change, than the temperature is less or equal to 0°C.


When the system comes in the contact of the outside environment or surroundings the transfer of heat takes place. This transfer of heat causes physical changes in the system.

As in the experiment the system are two water glasses and as soon these are subjected to outer environment some physical changes take place which indicates the temperature of the surroundings.


Transfer of heat takes place from surrounding to the glasses and this shows the change in the temperature. Change of the state of the water in both glasses is the consequence of the movement of heat and causes physical transformation.

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