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% What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing relies on sharing computing resources in a virtualized world rather than owning that locally to handle applications. Cloud adoption across the enterprise is a growing reality. Cloud infrastructure is also becoming popular in the scientific research and academic community because of its ability to provide a large number of computing resources for performing large-scale experiments. The advent of the Internet of Things (IOT) and smart mobile computing devices along with secure access to Big Data and immensely improved big-data analytics capabilities have pushed the computing paradigm into new frontiers. Cloud computing offers a completely new infrastructure for utilizing compute and storage…show more content…
Despite these advances, the trend towards outsourcing IT infrastructure, entire applications, and even different delivery models to the cloud leads to a key challenge, which is linked directly to the increased complexity of IT~cite{Forrester}. % What is Application-as-a-service provisioning? For instance, the functionality of the involved enterprise applications ' components is combined and orchestrated into a composite, higher-level architecture and offered as a service to the customer by the cloud service provider (CSP). Components typically are connected to other components e.g. an application component runs on an operating system and connects to a database and external services. These composite applications rely on component-based modular architectures and are benefited from cloud properties such as high reliability, elasticity, scalability, flexibility, and high availability~cite{varia,buyya2009cloud}. Application provisioning enables the business users to access the cloud providers resources as required based on Service Level Agreement (SLA), Quality of Services (QoS), availability, and cost modelcite{ peiris2011c2tp, ahmed2013multi, yassa2013multi}. In such scenarios, the different components involved need to be managed, deployed, configured, their quality of service satisfied, and their communication with other components

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