​Children with Disabilities are Often Marginalized in Society

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Generally individuals with special needs continue to be the most disadvantaged and neglected in third-world countries (Charema, 2007). This paper is concerned with the moral necessity and biblical mandate of providing special education programs in Christian schools in third-world countries when society in those countries does not recognize or value people with special needs. There is a huge gap that cannot be explained by words between head knowledge and experiential knowledge with regard how those people with special needs are segregated in those countries. Because the segregation of individuals with developmental delay is so severe, people are often unwilling to admit to having family members with developmental disabilities (Kalyanpur,…show more content…
In most developing countries there is little relevant data to identify the number of children with special needs (Sheilah, 2011; GPE, 2013; WHO, 2011). There are also no effective policies to address their needs and to provide them access to a quality education (GPE; WHO). Even when such policies are in place, appropriate financing is lacking to build accessible facilities, train teachers in inclusive education, or scale up successful local pilot programs on the national level (Weintraub, 2005). It is essential that societies adapt social structures to ensure that all children, irrespective of age, gender, or disability, can enjoy basic human rights without discrimination (Artiles & Hallahan, 1995; Sheilah, 2011; Weintraub, 2005). This applies to education systems which need to make changes including new, innovative approaches to fit the specific needs of children with disabilities (WHO, 2011). Influencing culture and changing minds in regard to human dignity must be established and taught as a foundation for life (Robsob & Evans, n.d.). Christian schools have a unique opportunity to do this by integrating Scripture and biblical philosophy into a developmental curriculum aimed at reflecting the image of God in the life of every student and teacher. This will, in effect, impact the culture of the

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