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In order for a company or professional to excel in the world of business or technology they have to adopt a code of ethics. A code of ethics is a set of different values and ethical standards that a company or professional must adhere to in order to conduct business. (Byum) One of the biggest companies that have changed not only the technological world but the business world as well is Apple. Since the founding of the company in 1976 it has continued to grow and has become one of the highest grossing companies, recently amassing a 49.6-billion-dollar revenue in the fourth quarter of 2016. (Apple Reports) With being the largest publically traded company to deal in the realm of technology Apple Inc. has to adhere to a strict code of…show more content…
While this case proved to be an exception to most individual’s moral code, Apple still challenged the FBI and refused to allow access to the iPhone information in a court case and Apple deemed that it would be unethical to create software that would “undermine the security of the devices”. (Moser) According to Apple Inc.’s code of ethics in regards to suppliers they are allowed to disclose information in accordance to different laws (Apple Inc). In the case of the San Bernardino terrorist attack Apple stepped away from this ethical code because they felt that by allowing the information on the phone to be accessed it would be a breach of security and the first step on a slippery slope that would possibly endanger the information of all iPhone users. (Moser) Even though Apple had already had a code laid out in regards to security they still have to make ethical judgments in certain situations based on the morals of the situation and all those who are involved. This supports the case that ethical codes are ever changing and need to be altered to in regards to different situations and diverse moral codes. This ethical issue spans to other moral codes besides the concept of security. It spans from labor issues to environmental issues that are becoming more prevalent in the technological world. The majority of Apple’s issues lie within their smaller retail stores and factories, rather than the corporate level. As of 2012, Apple was the only

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