‘’Where Are You Going Where Have You Been”

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INTRODUCTION: “Where Are You Going Where Have You Been?” by Joyce Carol, showcases the inevitable effects of youthful exuberance in a teenage girl. The story is a compelling tale which unveils the vulnerability of Connie, a young teenage girl who could barely substantiate fantasy from reality. She prides herself as a pretty girl who understands the basic principles of life. Her encounter with Arnold Friend reveals her as someone who lacks the mental ability to make meaningful decisions and accurate when necessary. Her desire for attention and frivolities facilitates in subjecting her as a victim of a wicked and complex world. She is obsessed with her beauty; her desire for boys and attention makes her pride herself as a “paragon of…show more content…
The young man smiles and says to her, “I ain’t late, am I”, Connie responds telling him that she does not know him. She likes his dress sense, but she plays down notions of being interested in him. She is careful to shows no pleasure and tells him continuously that she doesn’t know him. He gets off his car and points to the word painted on the door of his gold convertible car. The word reads; ARNOLD FRIEND, which was written nest to a “grinning face that reminded Connie of a pumpkin, except it wore sunglasses.” With Arnold Friend is another weird looking fellow who hangs up his radio up his shoulder and stares at the unknown. He introduces him as Ellie Oscar. He also points to a secret code to her; but she makes nothing out of it. She laughs at the word written at the left rear fender which has been smashed; which reads “DONE BY CRAZY WOMAN DRIVER. He is delighted to make her laugh. He startles her when he calls her by name and demands that she hops into the car for a trilling ride with him. Connie tells him she is busy with domestic activity. He draws an X sign in the air asks her if she knows what the sign entails. Connie thinks she recognizes the sign but does not recall how or from were. When Arnold took off his glasses, she notices he is advance in age; and demands to know how old he is; he stops grinning and says he is the same age as her or a little older than her. She immediately knows he is not saying the truth.

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