‘the Poems ‘Remember’, ‘Piano’ and ‘Poem at Thirty-Nine’ All Explore Melancholy Emotions.’ How Far Do You Agree with This Statement?

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‘The poems ‘Remember’, ‘Piano’ and ‘Poem at Thirty-nine’ all explore melancholy emotions.’ How far do you agree with this statement? ‘Poem at Thirty-nine’ and ‘Piano’ explore melancholy emotions while ‘Remember’ does not in my opinion. The reasons I do no completely agree is because the three poems all have hidden feelings and meanings. ‘Poem at Thirty-nine’ shows melancholy emotions because it presents the loss of the persona’s father and ‘Piano’ portrays how D.H. Lawrence misses his childhood. However ‘Remember’ is not a sad poem but it might seem so because it is explaining Rossetti’s feelings towards death. ‘Poem at Thirty-nine’ is a free verse structured poem by Alice Walker. There is sadness in the poem and it is presented by…show more content…
Apart from that, the use of words after the turn, such as ‘do not grieve’, ‘forget’ and ‘smile’ also indicate there is an opposite feeling. This is probably because at the turn, Rossetti changes her feeling completely and demands everyone to forget her and be happy. The poem ‘Piano’ by D.H. Lawrence is a sad poem. In my opinion, the poem is tragic because the persona misses his childhood. It could show a desire for D.H. Lawrence to return to his childhood and home. ‘I weep like a child for the past’ would suggest longing for the past. The persona also feels the lost the comfort for home, the phrases ‘to the old Sunday evenings at home’ and ‘cosy parlor’ suggest the persona’s feeling for home. This could lead to D.H. Lawrence not able to return to his home country suggesting he might be viewed as a traitor in World War I. There are some words that resembles the sound of the piano, possibly because the poem is called ‘Piano’. The examples are: ‘boom of tingling strings’ and ‘piano appassionato’. They were effective because it reflects the title of the poem. It suggest the persona longed for his childhood which D.H. Lawrence use to over his fear of isolation. The line ‘boom of tingling string’ was especially effective, because ‘boom’ and ‘tingling strings’ sound completely opposite and they form a contrast (With ‘boom’ sounding loud and noisy and ‘tingling strings’ sounding soft and

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