“Despite all the problems associated with their use, crime statistics created by governments remain one of the most useful sources of data regarding criminal and deviant behaviour”

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Crime statistics published by the Home Office provide information regarding crime rates, the trends of which ethnicity, social class, areas in the country that commit the highest rates crime. The method that is used to collate the data. Quantitative methods such as questionnaires and secondary data are used by positivists (who see sociology as a science) which means that the problems with the methods used relate to the problems with crime statistics. There are many problems with official statistics, especially when they are showing trends in crime. The problems however, do not outweigh the beneficial factors that come with using crime statistics.
Crime statistics is the type of data that is collected over long periods of time. The
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People with high powered jobs in the course of their professional or business occupation include bribery and corruption, tax evasion and embezzling funds and other types of fraud. These crimes go unreported because these people are not under scrutiny or are not being observed because they have the authority - no one is above them. In addition, these crimes are dealt with in a different way. Rather than being handed to the policing authorities to be prosecuted in court, they are sacked, and their professional title would be striped of their possession. An example of White collar crime would be of the American company Enron. Enron grew unexpectedly to be America’s 7th largest company, employing 21,000 members of staff in more than 40 countries. The firm’s success was later to be explained by an elaborate scam. Enron had deceived their employees about their profits and stands accuse of a range of inexplicit deals, including concealing debts. More than six moths after a criminal inquiry was announced, the guilty parties have still not been brought to justice (CBC news).
This means that crime statistics provide evidence that the middle and upper classes are unrepresented, thus translating to much importance to Marxists. Due to the fact that the higher classes are benefiting from crime, as they remain un-prosecuted, it supports the theory that the bourgeoisie in a Capitalist society are the ruling class. However, after considering the disadvantages and
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