“Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer”

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“Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer” When this country began we wanted our freedom, freedom from powers who would use us as slaves to there every whim. We fought for our rights as human beings, to have the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Over time the fight for this freedom widened to not only Americans but to all countries that fight against the clutching grip of imperialists and communism. To help out those who needed help the people of the government, who we give the power to make choices for us, have made alliances with certain other governments in which may have in the past harmed us they. This concept of joining forces with a former adversary is a paradox because you are putting your self in a position that…show more content…
But one day because of someone else they explain why they don’t like pizza and get to try it for the first time and find they love it. Change for am alliance is a good thing. Another need to talk about is Economic; we make alliances with lots of countries because it is beneficial in trade, material, and money. An example is with China they practice a very different religion with us and there government is one of communists and they don’t always create the same rights and freedoms to make all citizens equal. Yet we have a good alliance going for the economic standing. Almost everything in American is made from china or any other small Asian communities. We are expected to be nice and civil, letting the differences go for the betterment of the states and country. In the past America fought against China and vice versus China fought against America. The past is a pain and many died in the fighting yet we can all agree that a peace treaty has been signed and we work together now. This is a hard alliance to keep just because of how different both countries are. If we were to break this alliance, trade would almost cease to exist, the two countries would be at war again, and the way we live as Americans would change immensely. A good example of a joining alliance would be with Britain. Our beginnings come from Britain, but we felt that the government was enslaving and not giving the people a fare amount of freedoms. So we left and fought
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