“a Contemporary View on Health Care System in Bangladesh.”

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1.0 origin and background of the report

The report ‘‘A Contemporary view on Health Care System in Bangladesh’’ is the outcome of Internship Program which is a precondition for acquiring MBA Degree. Only curriculum activities are not enough for handling the real business environment, so it is necessary to get the better knowledge about the real scenario. The report is a requirement of the internship program for my MBA Degree. Conduction of Internship/ Dissertation started on 20th December 2009 and ended on 12th February 2010. My internship supervisor at International Islamic University Chittagong, Dhaka Campus, Mr. R M Nasrullah Zaidi assigned me the topic of my report. The reason behind choosing this topic
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* Observation while working in different desks * Interview with health care providers.

Secondary Sources: * Official Web Site of UHL * Annual Reports of Ministry of Health * Various Manuals and Brochures of DG Health * Different publications of WHO.

1.3 scope

This report solely deals with the health related information of Bangladesh. Here we try to accumulate information from various topics that have role with the health system of a country. The project is based on both primary and secondary information. Health system is a very vast area to work; thousands of issues are related here. Here we make some major segment to discuss like national health status, health care delivery system, facility based health service, leading public health problems and health education.

1.4 limitations

1. The major limitation faced in preparing this report is the enormous number of parameters that have relationship to the health care system of a country.

2. Less availability of data at all tiers of service providing especially in the private sector.

3. Less accessibility to data due to shortage of time and proper arrangement and at the same time the authenticity of data not beyond questions.

4. Health sector requires few specified technical knowhow for better understanding. Being a non medical background some time face some problem to understand technical terminology and
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