 Anti Corruption Commission in Bangladesh to Combat Corruption

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The Anti Corruption Commission in Bangladesh to combat corruption


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 Introduction 1
 Anti Corruption Commission in Bangladesh 2
 Evolution of ACC 2
 Vision 2
 Mission 3
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 Functions of the commission 4
 Organogram, ACC 6
 Objectives of the ACC: 7
 Plan of Action of the ACC: 8
 Challenges of ACC in Bangladesh: 8
 Prospects of ACC in Bangladesh: 11
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The issue of eradication and
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Evolution of ACC:
During the end of WW II an organization by the name "Enforcement Branch" was created in 1943 under the Food Department to monitor and check pervasive corruption in the food rationing system that was about to create famine like situation in the Sub-Continent. When the measure subsequently proved to be futile the branch was placed under the CID and Anti-Corruption Act 1947 was enacted.
In the year 1957 the branch was reorganized as Bureau of Anti- Corruption duly enacting Anti-Corruption Act 1957.
Since its inception in 1943 until 1983 the organization functioned as a branch of the Police although the control of the organization passed hands between President 's Secretariate and Prime Minister 's Office with the changes in the system of the Government. However, through a notification issued by the Chief Martial Law Adminstrator 's Office on 19 October 1983 a separate employment charter was provided to the Bureau curtailing its dependency on the police for manpower. But the organization continued to function under the bureaucratic control.
The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) Bangaldesh was created through an act promulgated on 23 February 2004 that into force on 09 May 2004. The first set of office bearers were appointed on 21 November 2004. The following day, it commenced its journey with a mission, a vow to make a difference to the Nation 's anti corruption intitiatives and a fresh mandate. While its predecessor the Bureau of Anti

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