I Reached To The Theatre Before An Hour, And I Expected

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 I reached to the theatre before an hour, and I expected that it will be filled with many viewers. However, it was the second week of the play, the theatre was almost empty. There were a few ushers to check the tickets and to provide programs for Proof. There was enough lighting inside the theatre before the play started. Around 7:20 pm, one of the crew members started the background music. Some crew members were preparing the set for the play. The theatre was empty, and there was silence inside the theatre. I think, this is the only thing that I did not like because there was pin drop silence. Moreover, it was a little inside the theatre. The box office staff and ushers were friendly as always, and that actually inspired me to…show more content…
Her father was facing memory loss in his later life, and she did not want to face the same problem as her father. She appeared to talk with his dead father who always inspired her to live her life. The first scene was demonstrating the present, while second scene was about the past. In the second scene, I came to know what was happened in the past and what was happening in the present. It was not complicated to understand. After her father’s funeral, she gets closed with her father’s assistant. She started to trust him and showed him that what she has done in the past seven years. Nobody believed that she has done something very amazing in mathematics only because she and her father had similar hand writing. Now, she has no proof to prove that it was her hand writing because her father was not alive to tell everyone that it was not his work. Her sister decided to take her to New York. Meanwhile, the assistant found that it was done by her and not by her father. At the end, all ends into well. The story was surprising to me. 4. Evaluate the blocking (movement by the actors). Did the blocking make use of different planes and levels? Did they use the entire stage space? Did the movement make sense and seem natural? Give examples.  Yes, blocking was appropriate to understand the storyline. All the characters have used the entire stage
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