00002525 Develop A Media Plan

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STUDENT ID : 00002525
TRAINER NAME : Mr. Mo Sadique
SCHOOL NAME : Australian learning ,Training and Education Centre (ALTEC)

Assessment Task 1
AQWA Organization Profile
Since 1988, AQWA has presented the beauty and wonder of this coastal environment and is Western Australia’s number one marine attraction.
Reflecting our Western Australian theme, everything in AQWA can be found in the State’s oceans. In addition, everything within our displays
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Reef walker runs during summer season in western Australia and his can attract more tourists.
c) Psychographic profile:
Western Australia is multicultural continent. People migrated to WA with different background and they settled down there so they have families. This is a possibility of more interest in adventure and fun with families. Surveys conducted relates to income shows that an average income of a full time adult is $1500 per week which is quite good and they also spend on adventure and fun.

Design and copy of aspects the advertising (message, colours, and themes):
Advertising is main source to per mote anything. Reef walker is an adventurous activity and we can use attractive color themes for advertising. We can use natures themes for example if we have to advertise on you tube and we can show marine life and some flashbacks form aquariums as well. We can advertise with broachers, so we can offer some discounts and family packs because our main audience is families and kids.

Strategic associations to enhance the message:
There are many associates in Western Australia those can help to enhance the message to target audience for examples news papers, travel agencies and hotels. They can help to advertise and permute the AQWA and Reef walker. We can give adds in local and national news papers. Tourism agencies can also advertise to their customers about these adventures activities. Hotels
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