002 Action Plan Task2

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Assessment Task2: Influence groups and individuals Max Lionel Realty business plan Max Lionel Realty has been a member of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) since 2008 and proudly follows the REIV Code of Conduct. Mission: to achieve the highest returns for our clients and to deliver a client experience that is second to none in the industry. Vision: to establish, within five years, the MLR brand — the highest ethical standards with best-in-breed performance for clients. Values: integrity client-focus active encouragement of excellence, innovation and continuous improvement teamwork recognition of the diversity and expertise of MLR employees and agents. Strategic directions: The strategic context in which Max Lionel Realty…show more content…
Interviews One-on-one interviews focusing on a specific issue, announcement or achievement. Have played a major role in raising the profile of council events and activities. Council sponsored community newsletter Issued on a regular basis to selected households in the Bundaberg Region Has proved an effective way of getting Council messages to residents and assisting community groups in promoting their events Community notice boards Used to promote Council events and programs and items of interest. Updated on a fortnightly basis. Good method of value-adding to the marketing and communication of events and activities. Signage and flags Signage, including static and mobile, is located around city advertising Council facilities and events. Constantly mentioned in event surveys as a way people heard about an activity. Promotional mail Letters sent each year not currently measured. Letters received by the council each year is more than 22,000. A traditional, but sound way, of reaching audiences for which we have existing databases e.g. water usage advice. Specific newsletters Several Council Sections offer newsletters to their target groups. Effective way of engaging target groups through providing specific information. Evolving Planning An ‘evolution strategy’ describes a particular way of evolving a system. Renaissance defines a set of strategies5 Reorganization is a general term which captures some form of system improvement. To

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