1.0 INTRODUCTION In the year 2011, many of the Arab countries were affected by the Arab Revolution

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In the year 2011, many of the Arab countries were affected by the Arab Revolution that began after Tunisia had its citizens take into the streets for mass demonstrations against the government’s leadership. In spite of the political controversies that took place within the 1970 – 2000 leadership of Assad, the central chaos of the continuing civil war arose during this critical Arab Revolution. The turmoil commenced in March 2011 when the protests began as countermeasures for what was considered the utmost downturn of President Bashar al-Assad's poor leadership. As the war intensified across the nation, it took Syrians one-and-half years for the international Red Cross to declare the conflict a civil war.
Holliday stated
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Hershco argues that the use of the military forces was greatly opposed by Britain, Germany, and other member states of the European Union (EU). Hollande’s decision led to great criticism across France, but the president had an underpinning idea of conditioning his support under ambiguous demand considering military intervention was to be conducted proportionally. The France’s leadership considered its action to help mobilize the Syrian opposition in order to gain proximity and great access to the key strong point of the Syrian government. Generally, France considers Middle East as a priority region for its interests. As Hershco explains, France’s interests in Syria relate to the Hizballah’s involvement in the Syrian civil war as well the act of extending the war’s effects to Lebanon. In the same counter-action mission, France considered military operations would be effective when mobilized by offering support to the Syrian government’s opposition parties, because the Syrian civil war had extended its effects to neighboring countries such as Jordan, Turkey, and Israel, as well as to its own base.
France has been termed as some of the major countries with great political power in the world. It has a history of having colonized many nations across the world. In this case, the country feels responsible just like other developed countries such as the United States to
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