1.0 Introduction. The Internet Of Things (Iot) Is All About

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1.0 Introduction The Internet of Things (IoT) is all about devices: how we interact with them and the data they produce. As we move around from location to location our mobile device, which is packed with sensors and numerous wireless radios, helps us seamlessly communicate with various other devices. Some of these devices might be in our homes, some our offices, some in our cars or the stores we shop in. Still others, we wear on our bodies. (Blouin, 2017) The Information and Communication Technology development generates more and more things/objects that are becoming embedded with sensors and having the ability to communicate with other objects, that is transforming the physical world itself into an information and knowledge system.…show more content…
2.0 Importance of internet of Things 2.1 Utilities In the application domain, the information gathered from the networks is usually used for service optimization rather than consumer’s consumption. It is being used by utility companies for resource management to obtain optimization between cost and profit. Smart metering and grid is another potential IOT application that is being implemented around the world. Energy consumption should be efficient and it can be achieved by continuously monitoring every electricity point within a house and this information is used for ensuring high quality of service by maintaining the load balance within the grid. Video based IOT, which includes computer vision, image processing and networking frameworks, will play a crucial role in developing a new challenging scientific research area. Surveillance, the most popularly used camera network applications, helps in tracking targets, identifying mistrustful activities, to detect misplaced luggage and to restrict unauthorized access. Another application that is being addressed by IOT is water network monitoring and assurance of its quality. Sensors measuring different parameters of water are placed at important locations to ensure high quality supply. As a result, accidental contamination among storm drinking water, water drains and sewage disposal can be

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