1.07 Critical Thinking

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2. In the 21st century exposure to media is an everyday event for most of us. Even at the grocery store, we see magazines and newspapers with eye-catching headings that may not be true. Also, the news is everywhere, and with technology on the rise, we even get news alerts on our phones. The media has taken over society. Most of the stories we read about seem to be true but in reality, are they giving a true insight of what is actually happening? Some of the stories cause people to become blindfolded from reality. This is because the stories that people read or see have a profound impact on shaping our reality rather they are true or not. We see the news about events that are going on in the world; rather they are catastrophic events or devastating events that were done by humans.…show more content…
These stories become the shadows on the wall that are cast by the flame, and the media has become the fire that projects the shadows on the wall. How do we know the story's we read or see are real? We do not always get the full story which causes people to believe and fear the world based on these stories. For example, after the devastating attacks 9/11, people seem to have a stereotypical insight on Muslims, assuming they we all terrorist. This is because we all were exposed to what the media told us. We catch ourselves being bias and stereotyping the world based on what we know through what we are being told. In reality, 9/11 was devastating, but not all Muslims are the same. The exposure to media has come a long way since 9/11. Therefore, our minds are being exposed to more insight on how people and the world
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