1.1 Company’S Goal. Oppo, As A Leader Of China’S Mobile

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1.1 Company’s Goal OPPO, as a leader of China’s mobile industry, is dedicated to provide customers with the most advanced and delicate smart phones. While exploiting the function of well-operated mobile, they are also aspiring after fair and artistic shape. The company’s primary objective is constantly improving the popularity of their brand, which is conducive to set customers “Young, Fashionable and International” brand images. Besides, they want to attract more customers to be faithful via the brand images. And the company’s ultimate goal is to occupy a favorable market share, then become the leading digital brand in the world. Meanwhile, they hope to model a sustained and healthy example in the international arena. As a successful…show more content…
Additionally, in the light of the price, it can be classified into middle-end and exclusive products. Ultimately, there are business phones, music cellphones and masses. 1.3 Internationalization Strategy Towards the end of 2014, OPPO has already covered seventeen abroad markets, such as India, United States, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, etc. China’s national image decide that OPPO should enter abroad market with mega-marketing strategy which can set a high-tech enterprises’ image. From foreigner’s perspective, Chinese products have low price but poor quality. Under the circumstances, it is difficult to gain their trust and faith. Hence, to build an economic development and high-tech brand image is the premise for breaking through barriers to market. After entering the abroad market, OPPO adopts trade and distribution channels to sell their products. The company also pays attention to advertisement. They inject touching stories and the new vigor, which enriches the strategy of the advertisement originality. Meanwhile, they will have some celebrities endorsing their products that enables customers to increase the awareness of products. For example, OPPO Find cooperates with famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio and receives hot sales. 2.Country analysis 2.1 China China is a socialist country, and a developing country as well. In China, the political system is multiparty cooperation and political consultation under the leadership of the

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