1.1 Explain the Features of Effective Team Performance Essay

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The features of effective team performance is set up through positive leadership, this is something which is developed and nurtured. An effective team will work together, be focused and all the time supporting each other along the way to achieve and reach goals. For a team to be effective, each team member needs to be clear on their roles and responsibilities relating to their job. Team performance will be more effective if there is respect for the leader/manager and an understanding towards their job role and responsibility. The leader/manager should also be aware of the skills or weakness within the team and be able to provide support were necessary and also utilise their strengths. Training and support will enable staff to improve…show more content…
Syer and Connolly 1996 believe that team members need to develop awareness of themselves and each other, and of their differences, through giving descriptive feedback. This allows appreciation of differences, good contact and improved communication. Trust, respect, team spirit and synergy may emerge. The notion of a cycle more easily depicts the kind of continuous process that teams go through and need to revisit as members are introduced or move on. The cycle suggests that skill and attention are required from the manager and from team members. An effective team performance requires: • Leadership- should reflect the team’s stage of development. Leaders should motivate, facilitate goal setting, educate and evaluate achievements. • Trust- should be slowly built up across team members, through developing confidence in each other’s competence and reliability. Trusting individuals are willing to share their knowledge and skills without fear of being diminished or exploited. • Respect- need to discuss openly any similarities and differences in their professional values and standards. Respect is incorporated with trust. • Commitment- self-knowledge and an ability to trust others are the building blocks of commitment. Commitment to a joined set of goals and values provides direction and motivation for individuals members. • Flexibility- the ability to maintain an open attitude, accommodate different personal values and be receptive to
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