1.1 Explain the Functions of Assessment in Learning and Development

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1.1 explain the functions of assessment in learning and development
During the initial assessment, the assessor must introduce themselves to the learner and ensure that they understand what the course is.
The assessor must explain all the units to the learner ad support them in choosing the most suitable units.
The assessor and the candidate must then decide on an assessment plan. This will include setting dates and times to meet with the learner, as well as agreeing on the best assessment methods to use. For example, the assessor may use observation, question the learner or examine their work.
Once the learner has submitted an assignment or evidence, the assessor must review it to ensure that the learner has done what was asked of
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The programme syllabus will allow the assessor to understand how the subject should be assessed and will provide the assessor with guidance and information in the form of an assessment strategy.
Evidence gathered from the learner allows the assessor to make an assessment judgment. Different forms of evidence can be gathered from the learner to show that they are competent.
The assessor will need to decide whether the evidence produced is sufficient, authentic and current.
For the learner’s evidence to be sufficient, it needs to relevant and proves that the learner is competent. The evidence must mean something to the learner and must not just be used for the sake of it. The evidence must be clear and logical and must meet the learning outcomes and assessment criteria.
All evidence must be authentic, meaning it was produced by the learner and must not be someone else’s work, know as plagiarism.
The evidence submitted by the learner must be current. What this means is that it must conform with the awarding bodies up to date policies.

1.3 explain the responsibilities of the assessor
It is important that an assessor regularly receives Continuing Professional Development to keep their skills and knowledge of the subject, organisation policies and assessment methods up to date.
It is the assessor’s responsibility to plan assessment
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