1.1 Introduction. Heavy Metals Are Naturally Occurring

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1.1 Introduction Heavy metals are naturally occurring elements and are present in varying concentrations in all Ecosystems. There are a large number of heavy metals. They are found in elemental form and in a variety of other chemical compounds. Those that are volatile and those that become linked to fine particles can be widely imparted on very large scales. Each form or compound has different properties which also affect what happens to it in a food web, and how toxic it is. Human activities have drastically changed the biochemical cycles and balance of some heavy metals. Between 1850 and 1990, production of copper, lead and zinc increased 10-fold. (Nriagu, J.O.1988: CACAR 2003). And waste incinerators. The pioneer heavy metals of worry…show more content…
Allergies are not uncommon and reiterate long-term contact with some metals or their compounds may even cause cancer (Takala, J., 1999) {International Occupational Safety and Health Information Centre 1999}. For some heavy metals, toxic levels can be just on top of the background concentrations naturally found in nature. Therefore, it is important for us to inform ourselves about the heavy metals and to take protective measures against excessive exposition. In most accessories in the United States, heavy metal toxicity is an unfamiliar medical condition; however, it is a clinically significant condition when it does occur. If unrecognized or inappropriately treated, poisoning can result in significant illness and reduced fineness of life (Ferner D.J., 2001). For persons who suspicious that they or somebody in their household might have heavy metal toxicity, testing is fundamental. Appropriate conventional and natural medical procedures may need to be pursued (Dupler, D., 2001). The association of symptoms indicative of acute toxicity is not tricky to recognize because the symptoms are usually heavy, rapid in onset, and associated with a known exposition or ingestion (Ferner D.J.,2001) cramping, nausea, and vomiting; pain; sweating; headaches; difficulty breathing; weaken cognitive, motor, and language skills; mania; and
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