1.1 Introduction:. Medical Anthropologists Are Engaged

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1.1 Introduction:

Medical anthropologists are engaged in using and expanding many of anthropology’s core concepts in an effort to understand the human body problem in a different way. What is sickness, how it understood and directly experienced and acted on by sufferers, the social networks and healers and how health related problems beliefs and practices fit with and shaped by encompassing social and cultural systems and contexts (Singer and Baer, 2007).
In medical anthropology, reproductive health care system is one of the most important issues. Childbirth is a vital part of reproductive health care system in our society. In the context of reproductive health care system concept of medicalization of childbirth is practiced all over
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The World Health Organization (WHO) stated in 1985 that there is no justification for any region to have a caesarean section rate higher than 10%-15% (Gibbonsetel, 2010). And Bangladesh is not an exception. From 1999 to 2010, caesarean section increased from 0.7% to 12% in Bangladesh and this rate is higher in urban areas than in rural (Sarkeretel, 2012). Some women consider caesarean is more advantageous than natural birth. This practice has appeared in both rural and urban area in Bangladesh.
Ones upon a time, women got the cesarean section in birth complexities or when the normal delivery was not possible. But nowadays women are attracted to the unnecessary cesarean section. This is one of the reasons of increasing the rate of cesarean section. Women’s decision of birthing is related with her social, cultural, economic and religious aspects. How women take the decision of birthing? What are the socio-cultural impacts on cesarean birth? Could women share their feelings with their doctor or dai at the time of birthing? What is their experience? What is the psychological condition of women? What kinds of physical complications are faced by women?
In my research I wanted to find out those questions from women’s perspectives. I conducted my research among 20 women at the village Kismot in Mymensingh district. I use anthropological methods and techniques in my research. I
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