1.12 The Crucible Quotes

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My Initial Impression of the Act: When Mrs. Putnam is introduced for the first time, she is described as “a twisted soul of forty-five, a death-ridden woman, haunted by dreams”, which is not precisely what you would call an emboldening description. Through her aperture lines, we can facilely optically discern that Mrs. Putnam is a very manipulative and assertive woman, who believes in witchcraft, as she instantly believes that Betty’s quandary has been caused by witchcraft. As far as Mr. Putnam is concerned, albeit his introductive description states “a well-to-do, hard-handed landowner, near fifty”, it does not tell us much about him. However, his description in page 22, he is called “vindictive”, instantly revealing more about his…show more content…
And he’s the one that chooses whether you go to heaven or to hell. So do not falsy accuse anyone of something they didn’t do, and do not be a falso witness to a false case, because in the end it will hurt you into to going to heaven or to hell. Danforth is pretty much threatening and scaring the people with Gods will, that no one else has, besides God “I think not, or you should surely know that Cain were an upright man, and yet he did kill Abel”. Parris says this to Proctor. This quote means that even good people can commit crimes. Proctor was questioned about his reading on the Gospel. Parris states that if Proctor does read the Gospel it doesn’t stop him from worshipping the devil. Therefore, this shows that you can’t trust anyone during this time. Act

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