1.2 Critically Review Approaches to Person Centred Practice Essay

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There are four main approaches to person centred practice, “Pathway” planning, “Maps” planning, “Person centred portfolios” (otherwise known as “Essential Lifestyle Planning”) and “Personal Future Planning.” Discussion will prove that “ each shares characteristics that explicitly emphasise the personal empowerment of service users, in which the principal direction for support generates from those for whom planning is being carried out.”(Langley, 2001) However the use different formats means that each approach focuses on different aspects and my comparison will note strengths and weaknesses, and how they are designed for implementation in different scenarios of person centred practice and planning.
The earliest and most rudimentary
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and Beadle-Brown, J.(2004) however the PFP approach does not go beyond this identifying opportunities process to record action plans. Missing is a structure for review or learning, meaning it can assess need and instigate change, but not record outcomes, or what action is needed for the intended result. This may result in underuse of the opportunities identified, and also means that “PFP” unsuitable for use with an individual who does not have the capacity to take advantage of the recognised opportunities independently (or with little support) as it leaves the onus on the person, not those supporting them. While this encourages active participation of the person being planned for (a goal of person centred practice) the emphasis on the initial goal, and the lack of anywhere to record the outcome may result in the goal not being achieved as no-one is accountable for it. The “PFP” approach is more useful for those with higher ability in the disability sector, for example an older person or perhaps someone coming out of a hospital stay related to mental health, who would be getting minimal support, and could be accountable for themselves and could achieve and maintain goals almost independently.
Other approaches to person centred practice are more direct in planning action in order to
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