1.2 Explain The Importance Of Assessing Marketing Strategy

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One strategy could be creating a language-rich environment by surrounding the children with lots of vocabulary. This could be done through putting up displays on the wall which contain writing with pictures to help the pupils with understanding the words. Also, they should be surrounded by talk by giving the pupils plenty of opportunity to speak to both staff and students so they can listen to different words being used on a regular basis. Also, books should be made available for them to read and they should be encouraged at least once a day to read. Moreover, the games that they play with, including puzzle games should be to do with words, for example, jigsaw puzzles that make up a word and games to do with word association. All of these will enable…show more content…
Another strategy is explaining to readers what skilled readers can do, for example, predicting what will happen next in a story by identifying clues in the story, thinking about questions to do with the plot and the message of the text or the characters in the story, monitoring the understanding of the context within which the text is written, clarifying parts of the text that have confused them by
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